She Says… Role Model

Owen has a crush.


A crush on Benjamin’s friend and coworker, Mike.


Mike is a musician (when he’s not working with Benjamin on video production stuff). He plays a ton of instruments. Owen and I have taken a weekly music class since he was 8 or 9 months old, and he plays a ton of instruments too. Clearly, they are soulmates.


Since Mike lives in New York yet works with Benjamin a lot, he often spends the night at our house when they have an early shoot.

You should see the love in Owen’s eyes when he hears that Mike is in our house.


Last night, Owen and Mike had some quality time playing the sax together. It’s pretty much the sweetest thing. Owen was in heaven.

I adore how Owen looks up to Mike and pretty much worships the ground he walks on.

Want to see their duet?


5 responses to “She Says… Role Model

  1. Joke Vermanen

    O wow. I loved this post so much.
    I also adore music, it’s in my veins, I’m born with it.
    And it’s so good to help you express your self and get rid of all the emotions that block you.

  2. Loved it! That’s pretty much how our jam sessions go until Blaine tells me my trumpet is too loud and that I should get out the quieter one! 😉

    I love the male bonding with him loving Mike. Super adorable.

  3. Oh my goodness, I’m dying! That saxophone is bigger than Owen!!! As a musician, this makes me so so so happy.

  4. The little grin on his face is so sweet 🙂

  5. Wait til you see Owen’s baby brother look at Owen – that’s hero worship like none other. Miles’s whole face lights up when I even say Ethan’s name. Heart melting. 🙂

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