She Says… Stomach Bug

Owen woke up in the middle of the night last night screaming for me, which he rarely does anymore (aside from his night-terror-like nap wakeups, which still happen every once in a while, but seem to be disappearing). I ran in and he was sitting up pointing to a dark blob about the size of a quarter on his sheet.

“What is that, Mommy?”, he whimpered. Instinctively I touched it, since I didn’t have my glasses on and he only has a very dim night light in his room. It was slimy and wet. Definitely something from his body. Ew.

I turned up the light a little so I could examine more closely. I wiped it up with a baby wipe and after further inspection deduced that it was a weirdly undigested piece of green pepper from dinner. I couldn’t really tell if it had been stuck on the roof of his mouth, or actually came up from his stomach. “Did it come out while you were sleeping? Or did you cough and throw this up?”. Strange questions, but surprisingly clear answers. Owen was certain it came out while he was sleeping. His tummy felt ok. He didn’t feel warm and was otherwise fine (as were his sheets), so I rubbed his back for a minute and went back to bed.

A few hours later I heard that scream again. I went back in and he said, “It happened again”.

Stomach bug, y’all.




5 responses to “She Says… Stomach Bug

  1. Oh No! Try not to catch it!

  2. Ick. Hope he gets to feeling better soon and you guys don’t get it too! Poor thing.

  3. Awww, I hope he feels better soon!

  4. I’ve been sick for three days now, and a couple other teachers (we’re all on spring break too!!) have had nasty stomach bugs too. I hope your little man gets better super quick!! It’s awfully miserable!!

  5. Thanks, ladies! It turned out to be very short-lived. We have survived and so far no one else has gotten it. Fingers are crossed that I don’t eat those words.

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