She Says… Snail Mail and TinyPrints Coupon Code

There’s something so sweet about snail mail.

Christmas cards, invitations, “just to say hello” notes or thank you cards seem to carry just a little more weight if they come with an actual stamp rather than into my gmail inbox. That said, especially given that Benjamin’s media is video and we tend to do videos instead of cards (Owen’s video birth announcement, for instance, or our holiday videos), I don’t tend to send a lot of snail mail. It’s a habit I want to change, and once in a while I do think ahead enough to get a “real” birthday card in the mail, but generally I find myself wishing I had the time and energy to write more hand-written notes.

One obvious mail-worthy event I have coming up is the new baby’s arrival! While I still haven’t decided if we will do a snail mail announcement or another video announcement, I do so love looking at the sweet designs TinyPrints offers for baby announcements.


This one has kind of an instagram feel to it, and I like the color scheme. Also, who can resist having a spot for those adorable hand and feet detail pics of the new babe?


I’m loving the trendy (and I don’t mean that in a bad way) chevron on the back and cute typography on the front of this one.

tinyprints3The tri-fold style of this one is very classy and has lots of opportunity for adorable pictures. So sweet.

And, while we’re probably not having a baby shower since this little guy is our 2nd (and a boy, so we pretty much have everything we need), I still like to dream a little bit about what a shower invitation might look like. I have heard of people doing a “sprinkle” (a small, simple shower for a 2nd baby), and while I love a good party, personally it feels a little awkward. I do like the idea of a “meet the baby” party or a co-ed get-together before the baby comes as a sort of “let’s get together before our lives are consumed by another tiny human” gesture. Maybe one of these is in my future?


Love the colors of this one, and the cute little laundry pics. Oh how I love the little tiny laundry!


I like the mix of colors and patterns in this one. It’s cute and not too babyish. Would be nice for a “friend party” rather than a traditional shower.


And if I hadn’t been so quick to pull the trigger on sharing the sex of our new baby, we could have combined our “not a shower” baby shower with a gender reveal party (pet peeve: it’s actually a sex reveal party, not gender). Love the bow and mustache pictures here. Very cute.

TinyPrints has lots of invitations and cards and things NOT related to babies as well, so I wanted to give you all the hot tip that they have a few awesome sales going on right now.

  • Up to 20% off Birth Announcements (Code: 20MARBA), until March 12th
  • Up to 20% off all Party Invitations (Code: 20MARINV), until March 12th
  • Free shipping for orders over $49 (Code: FS49), for a limited time


Just so we’re clear, TinyPrints didn’t give me anything in exchange for this plug, except supplying the discount codes. I just really like their stuff!


7 responses to “She Says… Snail Mail and TinyPrints Coupon Code

  1. My cousin kept the gender a secret (for both her babies!!) and had a “sprinkle” instead of a shower. It was really cute, people came up with the most adorable ideas – she got a diaper cake and lots of fun things like that! I think it’s a great idea to have a celebration of some kind, you have to remember friends love to have a reason to do all that fun stuff for you 🙂

  2. I love the idea of “sprinkle”! So cute! And I gotta tell ya, if this next one is a girl, I just might do that, just to do some cute girly stuff! (Of course, I will probably be overcome with guilt for not having done anything for Miles, my soon-to-be “middle child,” that I’ll probably talk myself out of it!) 🙂

  3. I sent Tiny Prints birth announcements for both my boys and I also sent out 1st birthday invitations too. I love this company’s products–my only regret is that I didn’t find out about them sooner. It’s such a wonderful keepsake for the baby book and the grandparents appreciate them too!

    Here’s the one I picked out for Q.’s announcement:

    And here’s the one I chose for his 1st birthday party:

    Kate, you will find that the “hoopla” surrounding your 2nd born is a lot less than when you had Owen. In fact, some people/family won’t even really acknowledge it. I found I was very disappointed about this after Q.’s birth. It made me very sad for him. I still get sad for him because this goes on…milestones, first holiday season and most importantly 1st birthday. It’s definitely a different experience the second time around especially with the second son.

  4. Hmm…I didn’t realize there was a difference between sex and gender. Had to look it up on…and it makes matters even more confusing..
    3. informal the state of being male, female, or neuter

  5. Uggh…published the comment in a hurry without specifying that the above meaning is for gender 🙂

  6. I LOVE…I just did Andy’s Baptism invites on there and they came out amazing!

  7. I love Tiny Prints! That is where we got our daughter’s birth announcements. I’m already looking for our new baby, even though it won’t be here until August. I just can’t help myself.

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