She Says… F is for Fail

… but it’s also for Fine.

I failed my 1 hour glucose screening. And not just by a little bit.

Surprisingly, the logistics of having Owen there with me were nothing at all to worry about. Instead of sending the sugary drink home ahead of the appointment time (as some people mentioned in the comments yesterday), my doctor’s office does the test on a day when you already have an appointment scheduled. So Owen and I checked in, I downed my drink (not that bad at all, for those who haven’t had it… just like a really sweet, flat orange soda) in the allotted 5 minutes, and then we headed upstairs to see my midwife for our regularly scheduled appointment.

Owen was totally entertained by tagging along, watching me get weighed and have my blood pressure taken and asking all kinds of questions about the room (“why is there paper on the bed?” “what does this button do?” “what’s that?” “and that?” “and that?” “Is she gonna use this ear thing on you?”). He goes to the doctor so much that he is really comfortable and loves asking about all of the tools. My midwife was so sweet and even let him help put the gel on the heartrate monitor and hold it up to my belly so we could listen to the baby’s heartbeat. I strung Owen along with snacks and a few minutes of playing on my phone at a time until the appointment was over, and then it was the perfect time to go get my blood drawn.

All in all, very easy.

You know, until I got my results this morning. Normal glucose screening range is 65-139 mg/dl, and mine was 181 mg/dl. Ouch.

Owen is back at school this morning (his breathing treatments and good sleep yesterday helped immensely) and I desperately need to spend my day getting productive work done, since yesterday was kind of a bust. So I’m forcing myself not to Google this all day long. The bottom line, as the nurse assured me this morning, is that 1) we will go ahead and do the 3 hour test to confirm, since many women fail the first screening and go on to have normal results at the full, 3 hour test after 8+ hours of fasting and 2) that even if I do have gestational diabetes, there is NOTHING I could have done to change it. It is not a result of my own diet or exercise, and “gaming” the test (eating/not eating) doesn’t really change the final results. And, of course, if I do have it, it’s better to know ahead of time so we can manage it.

So, while the 1st F word of the day is “Fail”, the 2nd is “Fine”. It’s all going to be fine.

Right? Right.

Thank you for all of your supportive comments and stories yesterday — I appreciate them so much!


13 responses to “She Says… F is for Fail

  1. Elizabeth McCracken

    Ahh, that’s such a bummer! But it’s kind of great that, if you do have GD, they can diagnose it now and you can keep your baby and yourself healthy and safe up to the end. And you eat pretty healthy (at least from a frequent blog reader’s perspective) so there shouldn’t be too many dietary changes I hope. Good luck with your 3 hour test, and I hope that one’s in the morning!

  2. Yes it will all be fine! I had gestational diabetes with my first and only pregnancy so far. I was so surprised because I was not overweight, ate healthy, exercised and the only risk factor was my age and I was only 27! I was so disappointed but after researching realized it was not my fault and after a while I got used to sticking myself 4x a day and recording. I never had to do insulin because I was able to keep it in check with my diet. I didn’t even have to change my diet much really. In retrospect it wasn’t so bad but going through it at the time was difficult especially in the beginning. My son did have low blood sugar at birth which I found odd because I had great blood sugar control- so yet again completely out of my control. Anyways hoping your 3 hour is normal but even if its not you’ll be fine!

  3. Oh that is too bad! Good luck with the 3 hour test – I bet you will ace it! 🙂 I know that one of my friends failed the 1 hour test but then passed the 3 hours. Hopefully you have the same experience! Glad to hear that Owen is doing so much better too!

  4. Like Summer, I had GD with my first/only pregnancy and it was a total shock – diet, exercise, BMI, family history, etc. did not put me in the high risk category at all. After the guilt and worry subsided, I was able to manage my sugars with very few diet changes and no insulin right up until the end and my baby had ZERO ill effects. On the plus side, my excellent diet and exercise regimen (which I totally would have let slide otherwise…) kept my weight gain down, kept me feeling fabulous until 2 days before delivery, and allowed me to lose the baby weight and inches in about 4 weeks. In addition, my appointments with the nutritionist were surprisingly informative even though I consider myself pretty well informed about diet, etc. So even though GD can be pretty scary (and Dr. Google is the worst about this) it IS manageable and you and your baby WILL be totally, 100% fine!

  5. I failed the glucose test in both pregnancies but passed the three-hour just fine. Good luck!

  6. You are indeed going to be fine. Because, like you said, it’s diagnosed in time to do something about it. Íf you fail the test again of course.
    Great to hear Owen is feeling better ❤

  7. Oh guuuurl! You know my history this pregnancy with the glucose testing. Can I just comment by saying I really think OB offices should all be trained to say “oh, hey beautiful pregnant Mommy. Your totally not diagnostic 1 hour glucose test had results outside of the desired range.” I really hate the word “fail.” Like we could have studied for it or something. I also hate the word hate. I mean, totally hate it. (ha!) And let me say that I probably did all of the Googling for you about “gaming” the system and ended up where you are now: 1. I don’t think if you really have GD you can “game” the system, and 2. if you do have GD, better to know and continue to make healthy decisions. And before going “there” and determining how best to manage the undiagnosed GD, just keep telling yourself that it IS going to be fine. I promise it is! Regardless of the outcome.

    Do remember that the glucose drink you consume has double the glucose. I tolerated the 1 hour just fine–it kind of made me feel like I had a scratchy throat…or like I drank melted flavor-ice (without those terrible lip slices the packaging created–Bueller?). But I really did struggle with the 3 hour drink. BUT, it’s totally doable. I just wish I had known that the drink would have had double the glucose BEFORE I took it b/c at the 45 minute mark, I was freaking out that all of a sudden I was feeling puke-ish and light headed. Not until the nurse told me it was because the load was so much more did my anxiety about it abate. (And anxiety mixes SO well with already feeling pukey and fainty…I made those words up.)

    So F is for Fine and for Friday (it’s coming tomorrow!).

  8. @Elizabeth McCracken, Thanks! I agree, there shouldn’t be too many dietary changes if I do have GD, but I’m irrationally scared of the needle poking and blood sugar checking. Not to mention the potential issues for the baby. My fingers are crossed for the 3 hour test coming back normal. I was about to be all, “I demand this one be in the morning, blah blah” to the nurse when she said they always do this one in the morning after a long fast. Phew!

    @Summer and @Melanie, This is so great to hear. Thank you. I am already cringing at the thought of sticking myself multiple times a day, but obviously that’s a small price to pay for a healthy baby, and many people have to do it every day of their lives! Thank you for helping me look on the bright side 🙂

    @Ali, You are my hero. This is the best comment ever. Thank you. And thanks for the tip off about the drink at the 3 hour — I hadn’t thought about it being bad. NO PUKING. Great. Something else to worry about! (Kidding, kidding, I’ll be fine).

  9. Ugh, I’m sorry, but yes, everything will be fine. If the 3-hour test confirms GD, you will figure out what changes you need to make. If there is one thing I have extreme confidence in you for, it is your ability to take a diagnosis like this, research the hell out of it, and change your diet/lifestyle in whatever way necessary to keep everyone safe and healthy. You have soared over other obstacles like this, and you will soar again!

  10. I too failed the 1 hour by a mile, passed the 3 hour with flying colors, and almost fainted during the 3. But then again I almost fainted in the childbirth classes as well, lol, low blood pressure combined with a quesy stomach when it comes to medical lingo.

  11. I’m a big believer in “everything will be fine” on this one. Of all things to “fail,” this one isn’t so bad. One of my best friends had GD on her 2nd pregnancy, and she was able to handle it with minimal diet changes and everything was, in fact, fine! I know it’s still ANOTHER thing to worry about, which really stinks, since pregnancy already has so many worries (as you already blogged about!) But I think this one isn’t so bad. Full set of teeth on a newborn – now that’s the one to stress about! (Just kidding!!) 🙂

  12. During my second pregnancy I “failed” the 1 hour test and had to take the 3 hour test – that I passed with flying colors. I’m confident you’ll do fine, and even if you don’t, it’s out of your hands. And, you’ve already proven that you’re a pro at handling major diet changes!

  13. I have PCOS and failed my 1-hour with my son, but I passed the 3 hour. woot woot! Benefits of PCOS, if you do have GD we Cysters have a jump start on what we need to do to help us along. And you know what GI Joe says, knowing is half the battle (go Joe!) Best of luck!

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