She Says… Pile Up

I got “the call” from daycare yesterday afternoon. Owen had a fever over 102 after his nap.

In pure Owen fashion he was all smiles and acting fine, but when I picked him up I could see the puffy/red eyes and low energy level that always tells me when he’s not feeling well. The first thing he said was, “I get to watch tv? And drink warm water with honey and lemon?”. Ha!

(The answer was yes to both.).

Due to the high fever yesterday, he couldn’t go to school today. Fortunately I can work from home today and get almost all of my work done during naptime and after Owen goes to bed. Phew.

He’s been battling some serious congestion for the last week or so (as have I… mine is still lingering from my flu/sinus infection so many weeks ago), so I wasn’t actually surprised that it finally caught up with him and turned into something. It seems like a run-of-the-mill cold, but any parent of a kid with asthma will tell you that asthma can turn even the most minor cold into something very serious very quickly. At this point I’ve been through enough respiratory infections to know what to listen for, and although his breathing sounded a little thin, there was no wheezing or retractions. I also know better than to consider us “in the clear”, though, so I watched him really carefully.


After a strict regimen of inhalers, nebulizers, humidifiers and lots of warm water with honey and lemon (a new favorite “treat” since I’ve been drinking a lot of tea to get rid of my own post-nasal drip), he seems to be doing a bit better. Lots of congestion, but his fever is down and his asthma seems under control, so I don’t feel the need to take him to the doctor.


Well, except to MY doctor. My gestational diabetes test is this afternoon. You know, the one I’ve been stressing over. You know, the one where you have to wait for over an hour just to get blood drawn after drinking the sugary drink. You know, like, the hardest appointment ever to have to bring an under-the-weather 2 year old to. Where he’ll be forced to sit in a doctor’s waiting room for an excruciatingly long time, undoubtedly gathering more germs than he’s bringing in, while we wait.

Also? How cruel is it to schedule a gestational diabetes test late in the afternoon? When I was pregnant with Owen I did it first thing in the morning and had just protein for breakfast. No chance to screw up the test with carbs/sugar. Now I’ve had to eat all day (some people even fast to make sure they don’t screw up the results… but I would be crazy to fast all day, especially while pregnant!) and I’m about a million times more worried about the test than I even was before. Oh joy.

So, off to get 8 hours of work done in a 2.5 hour naptime. The clock starts… now.

Send me happy, low blood sugar thoughts for this afternoon!


8 responses to “She Says… Pile Up

  1. Hope Owen feels better! The inhaler and spacer is very familiar to me, haha. I hope your doctor visit goes okay, too. I’ll send happy thoughts your way 🙂

  2. Sending happy thoughts for a painless trip!

  3. my doctor gives me the orange drink the appointment BEFORE the test so that i already have it. that way i can drink it on my own time and just make sure to be at the doc office at the appropriate time. it really is convenient! i just drink it at work before i leave for my scheduled appointment. good luck!

  4. Aw, hope Owen feels better! And I hope your doctor’s appointment goes well! I was lucky like Sallie, my doctor gave me the drink before the test so I could drink it before the appointment. Waiting rooms are sucky!

  5. Bzzz bzzz bzzz
    (sending you just the thing you need 😉 )

  6. I’m with the others – I get the drink beforehand (get to drink it on Monday, in fact). Huge help. Just curious, are you going to an OB or a midwife this pregnancy? I feel like I’ve heard you reference both. I an a huge fan of midwives and their whole approach to pregnancy and birth, so I’m always interested in others choices and birth plans. Good luck!

  7. Yeah–your doctor’s office sucks! Can’t believe they make you go to the office/lab just to drink the drink! And then you have to sit there for AN HOUR? That’s bad enough on your own, but torture with a 2-year-old. I hope you made it through unscathed. Next time (if there is a next time), make them give you the drink to take home!! 🙂

  8. I hope Owen is feeling better soon! Good luck at the OB – be glad it’s not the secondary diabetes screening where you have to drink the drink there in the office, then do 3 separate blood draws at 1-hour intervals. So you get to sit in the waiting room for over 3 hours.
    And if you do end up having to take that test, hopefully Owen will be all better by then and won’t have to go with you.
    With luck, you won’t have to worry about it at all. Sending positive vibes!

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