She Says… Names, Nurseries and Nesting

Let me start off by saying that I am crazy. I know I am crazy. I do not have to be thinking about this stuff so early, and there are probably lots more pressing things that should be on my To Do list. But hey. Everyone has their things that they love to do. That they love to go overboard on. For me, right now, it’s dreaming aimlessly about the baby.

I hesitate to even say this because I know it’s not the case for most couples, but Benjamin and I are nearly 100% on the same page when it comes to baby names. Before we found out if Owen was a boy or girl, we had a boy name and a girl name (first and middle names) all picked out. No fighting, no convincing, no stress. We just… agreed.

We kept Owen’s name a secret until he was born, even from our families. I loved the idea of the surprise when we first introduced him to the world, and I hated the idea of anyone other than Benjamin talking to my stomach like it was a person. Ew. We definitely plan to do the same for this baby.

Last night we agreed on the new baby’s name. It feels so exciting to begin to think about him as a little person instead of just an idea. I wrote the name out a few times like a teenage girl practicing her signature if she married her high school boyfriend. Except in this case, I was thinking about possible things that could be wrong with it. Too long, too short, would people misspell it, do the initials spell anything strange, how does it look and sound with our last name, and on and on. Crazy. I know. Even though I did the same for Owen I did not realize until the day he was born that his first two initials are O.J. (Owen James). Yuck. Now I’m just banking on the fact that when he grows up, people won’t really talk about O.J. Simpson much!

While I am so, so, so excited for Owen to have a brother, thinking about names makes me feel a twinge of sadness that we may never get to use the girls’ names that we love so much. I guess we’ll just have to have a few more babies…

Ah, the nursery. Yet another thing that I do not need to figure out immediately, but can’t stop thinking about. I remember having a yearning to plan Owen’s nursery when we found out he was a boy, and it was one of the most fun things we did to prepare for his arrival. Now that I’ve been through this baby thing once before, I know that you don’t really need things like matching bedding sets or even a crib in the early days, necessarily… but still, the process of creating a space just for this little baby is something that makes me so happy and builds the excitement for him to join us. So I’m going to do it anyway.

A while ago I started a Pinterest board with baby things I loved (after Owen was through this stage). This has become a great starting place for the new nursery plans. It’s fun to pin things that I like and then look at them all together and see that I already seem to have a design plan I’m drawn to, even though I hadn’t thought about it that way. So far it’s looking like gray and white with pops of orange. We’re reusing Owen’s crib and changing table (which I still adore) and perhaps even the rocking chair (though unfortunately I feel like the rocking chair was the only thing I picked “wrong” the first time around… it’s not terribly comfortable, which is incredibly important, especially if breastfeeding works out this time!). Any tips on choosing gliders, particularly for short people?

The nursery planning is the beginning of the nesting I’m feeling, but yesterday I ventured up into our attic to find a book and saw the boxes of baby stuff I had put away after Owen was born. Now all I can think about is getting back up there to bring the boxes down and sort, wash, organize, etc. I know. I’m crazy.

Did you and your partner agree on names, or were you unsure until the baby was born? Was the nursery an important part of your “nesting” and prepping for the new arrival?


16 responses to “She Says… Names, Nurseries and Nesting

  1. About names, we had the exact same thing. Only we agreed on the names the same week we found out we were pregnant… I know, insane, but so relaxing to know we didn’t got the name stress so many couples have!
    Nursery, we had the wallpaper picked out when we got the house, and that was even before we even knew I could get pregnant. So no insanity for you 😉 I love the colors you’ve picked. Probably because I love orange, and it goes so well with grey!
    About the rocking chair, I don’t exactly understand what you mean. When I translated it you were suddenly talking about planes? lol
    We had a rocking chair, second hand bought and I loved it. But I did used something underneath my feet to get them up more and it was comfy with the use of my nursing pillow.
    Nesting well, I washed all the clothes at the very first warm week in februari and my girl was born in april. Call me crazy I know..
    Looks like you enjoy this pregnancy just as much as you did with Owen.

  2. Re: chairs. We got a Best chair rocking recliner. I think it is out of the Storytime Line, possibly the Tryp model. Super comfortable for short me and my 6 ft husband (as in we each have slept in that chair some nights). You can pick the fabric color too

  3. AHHHHH!! You are such a tease, lol.

    I figured when I clicked on this, there wouldn’t be a big reveal, but I still hoped!! 🙂 So glad that you and B have decided on a name– we were the same way, mostly on the same page and came to a decision really quickly. I was pretty insistent that we settle on a name as soon as we knew the sex. It helped me prepare for the arrival.

    Like anonymous, we have a Best Chair & matching gliding ottoman from the Storytime line– two of them actually. LOVE them. We actually got both of them on Craigslist for a great price– one we used as is (it’s light green and white gingham) and the other we had a custom made slipcover made for the chair and ottoman so that we could put it in our living room!!

    So excited for you, BOY MAMA!!! xoxo

  4. Me again…..I felt the same way about picking names…..this time, the name was the same whether it was a boy or girl – we were just going to spell it differently, and have a little bit different pronunciation (more unique name means it can be a boy or a girl!). We even went with the same middle name – again, different spelling! Took away all the sad feelings about not getting to use my girl name again!

    We never used a glider, just borrowed a nice rocking chair – leather, but not those big ones 😉 I find when I sit in a glider to nurse, my kids feet always hit the armrests b/c they are soooo high. Might be something to consider if nursing is more successful this time!

  5. Hello!
    My hubby and I agreed on our daughters name right away, the middle name was a bit more of a challenge but eventually we agreed and I won on the spelling. Kylie Phoenyx 🙂 We didn’t tell anyone until she was born and it was such a fun reveal for us.
    Being Jewish I went with the tradition of “no prep” for the baby. Yeah, you read that right. No room set up, no clothes/diapers/ nothing in the house. What we did do was set up with people the things we would need and everyone else was in charge of different items once she was born. So we had bags of baby girls clothes from other people that our family washed and sorted and brought to the house once she was born. Same with the bassinet, diapers etc. The furniture we ordered once I was nearly full term, but wouldn’t let them deliver until she arrived. It worked out just fine in the end.
    I have both a glider and a lazyboy… If I had to choose one I would go with the lazyboy. WAY easier to nurse in the chair then the glider since the armrests of the glider are too low and back, it was impossible for me to have the boppy, the baby, and the boob all balanced without feeling like she was going to roll off. If you do go shopping for a new chair bring the boppy with you to see how it would all “fit”. I ended up using the glider just to glide and nursed her in bed…
    Congrats on finding out its another boy, I’m sure owen is going to be over the moon with his new little buddy!

  6. I laugh at the questions for several reasons. With our first (born a few days after your Owen) we were sure that our son would be Bryce or Hunter. Actually back up. Before we got pregnant we had been trying for a year. We had decided our son would be Gavin Michael and our daughter would be Sophia Delaney. Two weeks prior to finding out the sex of our son – my BFF had her son and named him Gavin. We went back and forth whether we too could use it, and decided against it. Once he arrived and we looked at him, I looked at my husband and said, “I think he is Zackary” and so he was. The middle name was already agreed upon. When we found out we were expecting again, we were elated. We had had a girls name all picked out! Then came the ultrasound. We were having twins! Well, that was OK, we already had the girls name so we came up with one more boy name because the law of averages told us it would be one of each. Then the anatomy scan came….and it was two more boys! We had one name picked….but the other was a challenge. We had our toddler choose – so now we have Brady Alexander (his BFF from school’s name) and Lucas (his other BFF from school’s name) Christopher. We never really fought about names. I do grieve that Sophia has not materialized, but with three boys under 26 months, I can’t imagine having another. The nursery was absolutely a focus my first time. The second time around, we were focused on finishing a basement to create a playroom for the brood so the nursery took a backseat until the week before they arrived. I love the fact I was able to decorate their room with our first family picture and other special shots within the first few moments of their lives though. I had a girls room all planned out in my mind….the twins room evolved as we went and now 5 months in, I LOVE it! While finishing the basement & creating the nursery, we also created a “Big Boy” room for our first. He wanted a transportation theme so we changed his room from calm seafoam blueish to a red, white and blue primary colors theme. He also got his toddler bed and we put transportation themed decals all over the top half of the walls. I really love how that one came out as well. Now he is asking for a bunk bed so “the brubbas” can sleep in his room 🙂

  7. I never found out the sex of any of my babies, so picking names was a lot of fun. We knew my now-6-year-old would be Sam if it was a boy right from the start. Then when I was pregnant with my second (now almost 4) we decided on Oliver about 7 months in after a LOT of discussion (we too had crazy hangups about how the name would be spelled, whether it was already used by someone in our family, whether it sounded good with our last name, etc.). And I NEVER expected a girl the third time around (last year), so though we had already had our girl name picked out 6 years ago, we didn’t nail down a boy name until I was in the delivery room. And then Katy was born and we never looked back.

    As for the rocking chair, I’m all for cushy gliders, but for me a lot depends on the arm placement. I’m only comfortable nursing if my Boppy is supported on both sides by the chair arms, otherwise I have to hunch over to get my boobs to baby level. I have nursed all 3 of my kids in an old-school wooden rocker with a cushioned seat and back. When they were little I mostly nursed on the couch, but when that became too distracting for them we went back to the chair. I have also nursed in an IKEA Poang, which is super comfy, especially with the footstool, but it doesn’t rock.

    Good luck with the nursery! I found that I wanted to “nest” sooner with each successive pregnancy.

  8. My husband and I are the total opposite to everyone! We both bickered endlessly about the names for our sons and never came to a consensus. He really likes the “-er names” which I don’t. Tops on his list were Spencer, Parker, Xander, you get the picture. During both my pregnancies, I asked him many times to make a list of names he liked but he never came up with more than 5 names per boy. It was frustrating. In the end, I got my way…both times. I felt guilty about this but then after Q. was born, a friend of my mother’s said that her husband let her name all 5 of their children. She said to me that she had to carry, deliver and breastfeed them all so why not?! I say why not too?

    We chose a Dutailier glider which I love–I think this is a Canadian company though. We just went to Babies R Us and trialled them out.

  9. There was no debating with our first. Since we didn’t find out gender the next two times we needed both names. We chose a girl name quickly, but struggled for a boy name. We chose one at a reasonable point the second time, but the third time, we did not choose a boy name until about 36 weeks. I was sure we would have a name-less baby. My husband actually suggested the name Ehud. I thought he was joking. We nick named the baby Ehud until he was born and officially named.

  10. We didn’t find out the sex either time. For baby #1, we had a boy and girl name picked out. Aaron arrived and we love his name as much now (7 yrs later) as we did then. For baby #2, we recycled our girl name, but had a lot of trouble coming up with another boy name that we both loved as much as Aaron. For me, initials were very important (our last name begins with O, so that immediately ruled out any B or H names). We eventually “settled” with Nathan. We both love it now, and can’t imagine him as anything else!

  11. Awww, congrats on finding out the sex! My husband and I had narrowed it down to 2-3 names we both agreed on, and decided to wait until the baby was born to see what she looked like to really choose the name. After she was born, we both agreed she looked like a Maya. In the Jewish tradition, we are not supposed to do too much baby planning before the baby is born, or even have a baby shower. I found that so difficult, because I am a planner at heart, and wanted everything all mapped out. We did get the crib set up, though, and some small decorations in the nursery.
    We use, and LOVE, the Dutalier rocker-glider with ottoman. The fabric is so easy to clean breast milk off of, lol, and it is great for us shorties!

  12. With Ethan, we went into the delivery room with two names picked out, and we were going to wait to see what he looked like. The second I saw him, I knew he was an Ethan — and my husband was thrilled, because that was the name he wanted. When we found out that #2 was also a boy, I didn’t like our second runner-up name from the first time around anymore, so it was back to the drawing board. Again, there were two names that we liked, but I liked one way more. My husband deferred to me and Miles was named well before he was due. And we told Ethan the baby’s name and he totally ratted us out to all of his teachers at school! Two year olds are not trustworthy! 🙂

  13. Get a rocker recliner! I know they are not as cute as some of the gliders but comfort is key. We went to lots of furniture stores and ended up finding a petite one so at least it didn’t take up the whole nursery. This was the single best purchase we made preparing for baby. I have spent hundreds, no prob thousands of hours in that chair with my baby boy 🙂

  14. You can get a female pet to take care of the name urge. It will work better than you think, 🙂

  15. Thank you all so much for your thoughts on gliders/rockers for the nursery! You bring up a lot of great points. I think I need to start sitting in all of my options and figure out what will work for me and my body. Because even if nursing doesn’t work out this time, I know how many hours I’ve spent in the “not so comfy” Owen chair, so this is an important purchase 🙂

    I love hearing all of your name stories as well! The process is so different for each family, and there are often surprises that change the plan!

  16. Just diagnosed at 31 with thin PCOS. At what age did you have your first and second child?

    Would you be willing to answer any of my questions through email? I am going through all of this for the first time with my reproductive endocrinologist and I could use some advice from someone that has successfully been through this experience.


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