She Says… Bumps

First things first. We finally took a bump shot. It’s one of the only pictures that we’ve taken of me since my bump started to emerge. It’s not at all because I don’t like how I look (in fact, I love it); it’s mostly a function of the fact that I’ve either been behind the lens or sick/unshowered/taking care of someone else who was sick since then. Sad but true.

Sorry, baby #2! You’ll just have to look at the bump pics I took when I was pregnant with Owen and look about 4 weeks ahead to see how I looked with you.

So, yeah. The blizzard canceled my bowling birthday party (yes, don’t laugh, we were going to go bowling — there are very few things a pregnant lady can to do enjoy herself at a birthday party!) BUT Benjamin, Owen and I still had a little birthday celebration at home.

Blizzard 2013-12 Blizzard 2013-13

As you can see from my red nose in these pictures, that “I’m so healthy and it feels so good” period from last week was short-lived. Another upper respiratory something-or-other has taken up residence in my nose/throat/chest and Owen and I are both going through tissues like it’s our job. A different kind of bump in the road.

I assumed this was just a cold and not anything more serious, but I’m still so tired of getting every bug and virus that passes through this house. Pregnancy has killed my [normally very strong] immune system.

Then yesterday I got a call from Owen’s daycare. A friend in his class who we have been in contact with has been diagnosed with Fifth Disease. I bet a lot of you are familiar with it, as it’s pretty common for kids to get at some point. It’s not a huge deal for kids — it’s a run of the mill virus with sore throat, stuffiness, fever, body aches. The thing that sets it apart is that after the virus runs its course, the kid breaks out in a red rash (starts on their face, Fifth Disease is also called “slapped baby syndrome”, and spreads to arms and legs). Unfortunately it is most contagious prior to the rash stage, so it is often spread before it can be identified.

The scary part about it, and the only reason I mention it here, is that it can be dangerous for pregnant women. Apparently 50% of women are immune to it (if they have had it before), so it’s not an issue for them. But if you are not immune, the virus can result in miscarriage (for a small percentage of non-immune women). I called my doctor immediately, especially given the symptoms I’ve been having this past weekend, and we decided to do a blood test to see if I have immunity.

Yet another lovely illness-related thing to worry about. I’m ready to be healthy again, please!


13 responses to “She Says… Bumps

  1. Aw I’m so sorry Kate!

    You look absolutely radiant, even if you aren’t feeling well. How many weeks are you now? Happy birthday!

  2. @Sabrina, Thank you so much! I am 18 weeks. We find out the gender next week. Woo hoo!

  3. I love the bump photo!! You look amazing!
    Ooh I can’t wait to find out the gender! Will you be sharing the news? I hope so! 🙂
    Sorry to hear about all of the illness nonsense. Hopefully this Fifth Disease ends up being nothing to worry about. Fingers crossed!

  4. heatherdriveblog

    I’m also popping up much more quickly this time than with my first pregnancy. I’m 15 weeks!

    You look great. And hopefully the Fifth Disease turns out to be a false alarm!

  5. You look great – hope the 5th disease scare is nothing and you stay healthy!

    I was sick with cold after cold for 4 months straight (not a single non-cold day) during my second pregnancy. I started to get better the day after I delivered. But this was in the middle of winter – hopefully you’ll come through flu season healthy and it will be smooth sailing through your third tri.

  6. @Megan, Thanks! Yes, we will definitely be sharing the news. The name will be a secret (just as it was with Owen), but I can’t wait to spill the beans about boy or girl.

    @heatherdrive, YAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!

    @Julie, Thanks. Ugh, that is so awful. I’m crossing my fingers that spring will bring some health back into our house. I know it could be worse, so I’m trying to look on the bright side… but I sure would like to be able to breathe out of my nose while doing so.

  7. Awwww you look wonderful! It makes me smile! How many weeks are you now?

    I’m so sorry that you have to worry about that – jeez! Keep us posted, I hope it’s a run-of-the-mill cold that doesn’t cause you too much grief.

  8. @Angie All The Way, 18 weeks 🙂 Almost halfway!

  9. You look awesome. Fingers crossed for fifth disease immunity!!

  10. I’m hoping for fifth, sixth and seventh disease immunity. Because you certainly paid your dues already with illnesses one through four!!!

  11. The same thing happened to me last year–we tested my blood and i was not immune to it (WHAT?! I work in a clinic!!). My doc told me that even with exposure the chane of anything bad happening is slim…and i have a beautful baby girl to show for it. You will be fine 😊

  12. You look fabulous! And hooray for the ultrasound next week – hope everything looks great and baby shows the goods 🙂

    I had Fifth Disease when I was in elementary school but luckily haven’t encountered it since … I hope you’re immune and things are smooth sailing from here on out!

  13. @Meg, Thank you!

    @Nancy, Hahaha, I agree. Enough is enough!

    @Anonymous, So glad to hear you’ve been through this before and it all turned out ok. I’m assuming I’ll be in the majority of women who are either immune or for whom it is not a big deal, but I am glad that my doctor is doing the blood work so we can be sure.

    @Kristin, Thank you! Yes, I think once you have Fifth once, you can not get it again, since you are immune. I called my mom and asked her if she remembered me having it, but we couldn’t confirm. Many kids even have it and the rash is so mild it’s never diagnosed.

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