She Says… In the Kitchen

I only blogged twice so far this week. You probably didn’t even notice, but I did, as I usually try to blog every day during the week. But you know what I did do? Everything else.

I am finally feeling like myself again after the awful flu-that-never-ended, then the subsequent sinus infection and then dealing with the lovely side effects from my antibiotics. Dudes, I was “not myself” for over 2 weeks. I have never in my life been sick for that long. Especially not while pregnant, so I couldn’t take any of the good drugs. I stopped whining about it after the first few days, because, really, who wants to read that for two weeks straight? Not me. But alas, it is over, and I spent this week getting everything done.

I worked. A lot. I exercised. A lot more than usual. I meal planned and cooked really delicious dinners. Every night. I walked the dog, despite the cold temps and the fact that I really just wanted to stay warm inside. I even had enough energy to stay up and watch tv with Benjamin until a semi-normal bedtime (but we all know I still go to bed with the grandmas). I tackled piles of papers in my office and errands I had been meaning to run but never found the time. I did laundry and folded it in the same day. All in all, rocked my To Do lists.

It feels so good to be back in the land of the living.

For those who care, I thought I’d share what I made for dinners the last few nights. A while back I tried to do a “what we ate for dinner” thing at the end of my posts, but it only lasted a week or two because it was time consuming and hard to remember, and sometimes I don’t want you to know we ate Annie’s mac n’ cheese from a box, even if it is gluten free. We still eat dinner at 5:45pm with Owen, and we generally don’t pick him up from daycare until 5:00pm, which means that dinners around here have to be fast, easy and still gluten free and made from mostly, if not all, whole foods.

  • Pot roast with carrots, onions and celery (I adapted The Pioneer Woman’s awesome recipe to work in a slow cooker). This is in my slow cooker right now in preparation for the snowstorm that has already started outside. Warm comfort food that will be ready with little to no prep! I’ll serve with gluten free noodles, I think.
  • Middle Eastern Garlic Chicken. I used breasts and popped it all in my slow cooker yesterday. Made extra for lunch leftovers too. We had parmesan risotto and steamed frozen veggies on the side.
  • Turkey meatloaf loaded with shredded veggies, steamed sweet potatoes and green beans.
  • Quinoa salad with tomatoes, feta, peas and spinach (I just cooked plain quinoa, mixed it all together and added a splash of Italian dressing for “sauce) and grilled sausages. We had cucumber slices on the side.
  • Tofu stir fry over brown rice.
  • Sesame-crusted lemon pepper tilapia. Just sprinkle tilapia filets with lemon pepper seasoning and sesame seeds, then saute in a pan with olive oil until they are cooked through. We had mashed cauliflower (made like mashed potatoes) and steamed frozen veggies on the side.

I also made some gluten free zucchini bread (my fave recipe is here) and homemade yogurt (we make our own because Benjamin can’t tolerate lactose due to his celiac disease, and it’s very cost-effective and yummy to make our own — if you ferment for 24 hours there’s no lactose!). I’ve been on a cooking kick!

Tomorrow Owen and I are going to bake me a birthday cake. It’s the big 3-0. My birthday present so far is this crazy blizzard that is likely cancelling my birthday party. Wouldn’t be the first time my party has been snowed out. I was born in the middle of a blizzard too! I sure am glad I’m not delivering my baby in the midst of this nasty storm. I’ll be happy to celebrate with my favorite boys over gluten free funfetti cake tomorrow.

Stay safe through the storm, if you’re in the Northeast!


8 responses to “She Says… In the Kitchen

  1. Hey – we’re fellow Aquarians! My birthday is Feb 11 and I remember the Blizzard of ’78 when we had something like 4 feet of snow and the city was shut down for a week. My birthday party was delayed 3 times and I was *devastated*!!!
    Happy Gluten-Free Birthday to you!
    Glad you’re finally feeling better, and glad I got to pop your Neti Pot cherry 🙂

    PS – have you given Owen’s dentist my number yet? He hasn’t called…

  2. @nancyholtzman, So THAT’S why we were such fast friends 🙂 I wasn’t around yet in ’78 but I’ve definitely been through a few since ’83. Haha. I will be SURE Dr. Dentist sees your comment. Not sure if he’s single, but I’m on a mission to find out!

  3. @nancyholtzman I was born in the fall of ’78… 😉

    Happy birthday, Kate!!


  5. How do you ferment and make lactose-free yogurt?

  6. Too funny–I also thought slow cooker pot roast would be the perfect snow storm weather, and was basing it on the same recipe! Had all of the ingredients slowly cooking away for about two hours….aaaaaand then we lost power. I told my husband if we are out for more than two hours, the food is no good, and it was nearly 3 hours before the power came back on. I hate to throw out food! But, not worth us getting sick over. So now the baby is to bed and I have Trader Joe’s black bean burritos warming in the oven. C’est la vie!

  7. Happy big 3-0!

  8. @Liz M., We use a yogurt maker (I have this one: You pretty much bring whatever kind of milk you want to use just to a boil, add starter (either regular yogurt or powdered yogurt starter) and then keep it warm for 24 hours. The electric yogurt maker keeps it at the right temp the whole time, but it’s definitely possible to make without the machine as well. Then when it’s ready you can strain it to make it more like Greek yogurt, or add in flavoring/other stuff. I leave ours plain and then add a little honey or jelly when serving. It’s really tangy and delicious, and if you keep warm for 24 hours before cooling, it’s also lactose free with no added sugars (like most of the grocery store brands).

    @Jen, Oh no! Pot roast disaster! That is a huge bummer.

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