She Says… Wintry Weekend

NH Jan 2013-3

Benjamin had a job this past weekend in New Hampshire, not far from where his parents have a house in the white mountains (right near Mount Washington). We decided to make a little weekend getaway out of it.

NH Jan 2013-6

Timing a 4 hour drive with a toddler is always tricky, so we opted to pick Owen up early from school, right at naptime, and cross our fingers that if we tucked him into his carseat with his blanket and lovey, he would sleep for a while in the car (thus giving him a nap and us some quiet driving time!). For the first time, uhh, EVER, it worked beautifully. For those of you who have been reading since Owen was a baby, you know he has always HATED riding in the car, and usually our drives are accompanied by a lot of crying and a hefty dose of vomit due to carsickness. So the quiet not-quite-2-hour-nap we got in the car was downright heavenly.

NH Jan 2013-4

We arrived and set up Owen’s pack n’ play like normal and realized something. Ummm, the child is totally too big for it. I mean, he fits, and he doesn’t yet exceed the weight limit, so technically we were ok, but we realized quickly that this was going to be our last trip with him sleeping in it (he could DEFINITELY climb out, since he can scale just about any wall, but, thankfully, he has never tried). He was old enough to voice things like, “the bottom is not comfy” and “I don’t like the sound it makes when I move around”. I think we’re just about ready for a blow-up mat of some sort. After the first night of Owen being a little less than thrilled with his confined space, we considered offering him a camping mat (he sleeps on a mat at school, so I figured he’d probably do ok), but then I realized the room had heavy furniture that was not bolted to the wall and I wasn’t comfortable with Owen being able to open the door and go downstairs on his own. I don’t think he would, but he could, so we’re going to change things around next time we come. Anyway, we’re going to need that pack n’ play for the new little one come July!

NH Jan 2013-1

The weekend was filled with snowy adventures hiking and sledding and sitting by the fire and playing with Owen’s Grammy and Grampy. After Benjamin’s job was over, the two of us even had a chance to go cross-country skiing together AND out to dinner while the grandparents babysat. Fun for all! Owen was relatively well-behaved (aside from a few  new molar-induced attitude-y outbursts) and was really quite flexible with all of the changes.

Bskiing Kskiing

Also? He wore underwear THE WHOLE TIME (when awake), never had an accident, and even pooped in a new potty/place. Huge, huge, huge.

NH Jan 2013-11

I am shocked to report that the drive home was equally as uneventful as the drive there (no puking! very little crying!). As a result, Benjamin and I are all of a sudden super anxious to pack our calendar with trips back up there before the baby comes, in case this baby hates the carseat just as much as Owen used to.

NH Jan 2013-8

NH Jan 2013-9


7 responses to “She Says… Wintry Weekend

  1. Glad you had a fun weekend with a puke free car trip!
    This won’t solve the “he can get out of bed on his own” issue, but when we gave up the pack-n-play, we moved onto this air mattress. We like it because a crib sheet and mattress cover (to make it more comfy) fit and she likes it. It inflates fast and has been easy to use. It does have a bigger foot print than a pack-n-play, though, so keep that in mind. We sometimes have to move a little furniture, especially in hotels, but it usually works great. And really now that she’s in a big bed, if we can get a hotel room with 2 beds or the relatives have an extra bed then we’re set!

  2. OMG, I literally gasped at the pics! So beautiful! Glad you guys had a fabulous time!

  3. I am so jealous of the underwear! We have some Jake and the Neverland Pirate underwear being completely neglected. He could really careless about it all.

  4. We moved Miss A from the PackNPlay to a little tent with a little sleeping bag inside. It doesn’t solve the ‘can get out and wander around by herself issue’, but it does a great job of easily bringing something familiar and cozy (and visually separated from the rest of the room in case you’re sharing and want to sit up reading or something) and fun. It also solves the ‘there is no other bed, where does the kid sleep’ issue.

  5. @Beth and @Jamie, Thank you so much for the suggestions! These are both great ideas. I want both.

  6. Such lovely photos! I can’t believe how grown up little Owen is now, especially in the little underwear! Such a good point about the pack & play. It rarely gets used for us and I would have assumed the same for our next trip somewhere. We’re not ready for big boy bed yet and since he hasn’t yet tried to get out, I’m just riding it out as long as I can – the kid still wakes up at 5-5:30!
    Glad you guys got a nice trip away – relish the next few months and soak it all in 🙂

  7. We had one of the tents (a pea pod) but she is SO hot natured, she got really hot in there and hated it. It sounded like a great idea to me, and I really wanted it to work out! I heard they have been recalled, though I haven’t checked since we aren’t using ours, but my friend said it was because people were putting tiny babies in there who were suffocating against the tent sides. Just FYI, especially if Owen is hot natured. Even putting a fan up against it didn’t seem to help enough to make her comfortable.

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