She Says… The “F” Word

No, not that one. Thankfully we haven’t let that one slip in front of Owen yet.

I mean “FLU”. Who knew those three little letters could inflict so much pain and suffering? Before getting the flu, I would have been one of the many who brush off the flu with thoughts like, “Oh, it’s like having a really bad cold”. If any of you out there still think that, I have to tell you: You are wrong. Dead wrong. And you MUST have never had the flu yourself, or you’d never say such a thing again. I know I won’t.

Having the flu feels like a brush with death.

Ok, ok, that’s a little dramatic.

But I am generally really tough when it comes to getting sick. Nothing gets me down. I am stoic. I am strong. I power through and most people have no idea how sick I’m feeling. But this flu? This flu knocked me on my ass.

What started as a tickle in my throat on Tuesday night became a full blown, bring-me-to-my-knees shocker by Wednesday evening. By that night I was struggling to breathe in the hotel bathroom (staying at a hotel running a training event at my company as part of my job) and watching my temp climb. I was shivering and feverish and every fiber of my being hurt. It just… HURT. My hair hurt. My fingernails hurt. My doctor said I needed to be seen first thing in the morning (they were concerned about me getting enough oxygen for the baby), so I gathered all of the strength I had to pack my bags and get my car the next morning.

Of COURSE I was about to run out of gas (remember? Getting gas is my Achilles heel…), so I had to make a detour, but I finally made it to the doctor’s office on Thursday morning. In almost no time they confirmed it was the flu and quarantined me in a room with a mask on.

Long story short, I had/have the flu. And I barely got out of bed for the last 4+ days. Since I wasn’t supposed to be home from my work trip until Friday, and I did NOT, under any circumstance, want to share these germs with Owen, Benjamin and I successfully hid the fact that I was home until Friday. We shut the door to our room and parked my car around the block so that he wouldn’t know I was home so I could rest. When I did finally see him on Friday night, I wore a mask and barely touched him. It was so sad, for both of us, but I would do anything to spare him the pain that I was feeling.

I need to spend the rest of Owen’s naptime napping myself, because DAMN this thing is still kicking my ass, but at least I’m not contagious anymore, so I can play with my family without getting them sick. I still can’t breathe and get winded/tired just walking up the stairs, so I have a ways to go before I’m back to normal.

So here’s my PSA. If you have not gotten a flu shot. GO. GET. YOUR. FLU. SHOT. Seriously, today. It is completely irresponsible not to get one. (I got one, and apparently it still significantly reduces your reaction/length of your illness if you are one of the unlucky ones who get it even after getting the shot. In general, though, you are far less likely to get the flu if you get the vaccination!). If you are a parent and you have not taken your children to get it, TAKE THEM IN TODAY. I would never, ever wish this horrible experience on anyone, especially a child. I know there is a lot of false information out there about vaccinations and reasons to talk yourself/your kids out of getting one, but I am telling you, none of those reasons are worth having the flu.


10 responses to “She Says… The “F” Word

  1. That’s what I had too Kate. I never got tested for it … I knew it’s what I had. We were all vaccinated and I still got it but mine was much LESS severe that what I’ve heard non-vaccinated people talk about. I’m glad you are on the mend … Feel better!

  2. You poor thing! Glad you’re starting to feel better. :-/

  3. I have never felt as horrible as I did when I had the flu in college. After walking into the doctor’s office last week with my son and seeing all of the nurses with masks on, I immediately got myself in to get my flu shot. (Typical mom, putting it off while every other member of the family had theirs). I hope you get to feelings better and that Owen and Benjamin have avoided it.

  4. Sorry you’ve been so ill. We don’t get vaccinated and we had the flu (my daughter tested positive), so we didn’t bother with the rest of us going in and exposing the doctor’s office when we knew what it was, but honestly the strain we had was not even as bad as many colds I’ve had. I was so glad we DIDN’T get the shot after our round. We have been a family who vaccinates, but we skip the flu and Rota-virus vaccines (the second due to a reaction in one of the kids). I’m sure it is different with yours and Owen’s asthma than our house though! Feel better.

  5. RhodeyGirlTests

    I hope you feel better Kate. Relax as much as possible.

    I’m impressed you were able to hide yourself from owen like that!

  6. Yuck! So sorry you are dealing with that!
    I agree with you on vaccinating. We got the shot, and we’re just hoping we don’t get the flu anyway!

  7. both my 4 year old and two year old got their flu shots and they have the flu now! still managed to get it somehow, it sucks!

  8. The last time I had the real flu (whichever one it was) was back in 2004 and I will never for it. Shear misery. The idea of getting it now with a toddler, much less being pregnant with asthma scares me. I have always swayed back and forth about getting the shot and each doctor I talk to has a different opinion! Our family doc is all about sticking you with it while she has you there (they weren’t in the last time I was there), then another doc we see in her office who we saw the last time Cameron was sick, was of the view to only get then if you had a newborn or elderly person around you for any significant period of time. This felt more right to me so we didn’t get them. But of course, hearing this is another “wake up” to thinking maybe we should! I’m kind of more afraid of going to the doc’s office and potentially picking up sick germs while getting the vaccine more than I am afraid of getting the vaccine itself!

    I hope you’re feeling better today!

  9. Vaccinatingmommy

    Hang In there -the flu is hell!!! I had it in 2009 and it was 6 of the worst days of my life and I will NEVER go without a shot again. I think people genuine think the flu shot will get them sick or are confused they still get colds even though they had the shot. ! The flu felt like death. Rest up, it can take a long time to really recover from it.

  10. You poor thing! I hope you get better soon! This is making me feel scared when our winter arrives we will probably get this flu in Australia but it will be much worse!

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