She Says… And the prize goes to…

After the Christmas rush and the gift guides and the Christmas lists, I like to make a mental note of what really got that huge smile on Christmas morning, and, even better, what has continued to provide entertainment since the box was opened.

photo 3

Hands down, the #1 winner for “entertaining Owen the most since Christmas” (aka “the toy that has given me the most quiet time”) goes to the marble run. I kid you not, every single night since Christmas (give or take a few), Benjamin and Owen have dragged that monstrosity into our kitchen and played with it on the floor while I made dinner.

photo 5

And every night when I call out, “Dinner time!”, Owen whines, “I’m not finished playin’, Mommy!”.

photo 2

They’ve built it and re-built it several times, and for some reason rolling marbles down the tracks is completely mesmerizing.

So, a hot tip for those of you who have an active preschooler to wrangle while you make dinner!


4 responses to “She Says… And the prize goes to…

  1. Very glad he liked it!

  2. @Jennifer, Yes, thank you Grandad and Jen for this awesome gift!!!

  3. Joke Vermanen

    O but I totally love it to, and I’m an afterschooler 😉

  4. I just pinned (a similar version available in Canada) for Cameron’s 3rd birthday – love hearing when other kids love certain things!

    For us, it’s been his little Sesame Street Neighbourhood (kind of like a doll house for boys). He has about 6 characters to go with it:

    He also loves his Whittle World School Bus set. Loves getting the kids on/off the bus for school:

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