She Says… Snow Day!


This, friends. THIS is why I love living in New England.

Last winter we barely got any of this fluffy white stuff. This year looks like it may be similar, except that we got a nice 6+” dump last Saturday night. Owen was as thrilled as I was to go play in it.


We grabbed our sled from last year (which he is almost growing out of now) and headed out for a walk. The streets had already been plowed by Sunday morning, so we had to search out snow so I could drag the sled.


We quickly realized that we live a very short block away from one of the best little kid sledding hills in our town.

Well, I really have no idea if it’s really the best, but it certainly was crowded (and convenient), so it worked for us.


As soon as Owen watched “the big boys” sliding down the hill, he wanted to try it. The little daredevil didn’t blink an eye at being pushed down a HUGE hill without much direction.

In fact, he LOVED it. He loved it so much that once he got to the bottom, he bailed out of the sled face first, grabbed his sled (just like “the big boys”) and hiked his tiny little legs back up the hill shouting, “I WANNA DO IT ‘GAIN!”.

He could have done it all day.


It was AWESOME. I didn’t get to go down the hill myself this time (I figured even though it’s a relatively small hill, sledding probably isn’t the safest activity while pregnant), but watching the joy in Owen’s face as the wind turned his little cheeks pink was enough for me.

I was so proud to watch him, so tiny, holding his own on the sledding hill with kids much older than him. He even stopped at the bottom and chatted with some of the other kids before pulling his sled back up. I couldn’t hear what they were saying, but the idea of him stopping to have a conversation with another kid just cracks me up.

Watch him in action!


7 responses to “She Says… Snow Day!

  1. Cutest boy EVER.

    And Owen’s adorable too.

  2. He is gorgeous and it won’t be long before he’s on a snowboard going down that hill! 🙂

  3. He’s such a big boy! And what enthusiasm 🙂 We got a bit of snow over the weekend and my husband pulled my son around on a sled in the backyard. He loved it. He had the biggest grin on his face. I love to see the joy on their faces when they experience something new.

  4. Too Cute!!

  5. So awesome! I can’t believe he pulled the sled the whole way up himself!

  6. @nancyholtzman, 🙂

    @Lady Nation, Bite your tongue! Ugh, I know you’re right. I’m savoring the tiny sled days.

    @Sarah, Oh it is SO fun to see things from their eyes.

    @Erica, Thanks!

    @Christy, I know, I was totally surprised too. But hey, the big kids were doing it, and Benjamin and I didn’t go to the bottom of the hill with him, so he didn’t really have a choice!


    Now that I live in Atlanta I don’t see much of this white stuff anymore, but this post makes me really homesick for Boston!

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