She Says… Two Words for You


Owen has been complaining of his stomach hurting for the last few days. But he was eating fine, had no fever, and was acting only slightly irritated by it. There wasn’t much for me to do other than watch and wait. Then two days ago he said it hurt when he peed. I called the doctor and discussed it with them, and together we decided to continue watching and waiting, not knowing if the two things were connected. In the absence of other symptoms, a kid with a stomachache isn’t really treatable (especially a kid with known food reactions — we thought for a few days this was a possible reaction to gluten that he was figuring out how to put into words, even though we had no idea where said gluten would have come from).

Long story short, the puking started today at school, and I dropped my pile of pre-Christmas work (and oh, there was a lot of it) and dashed out the door. When I arrived at school he was a puddle of pukey hair, tears, and floppy body curled up in his teacher’s lap.

Those of you who have read this blog since the beginning know that Owen gets sick a lot, but he almost NEVER acts sick. He’s generally so happy that I can barely convince the doctor’s how sick he is. Today was the total opposite. Poor kid was wiped and just kept whining, “It hurts!” while doubled over clutching his stomach.

I took him home and we spent the rest of the morning wrapped up in blankets on the couch watching tv. He was so amazed I was letting him watch tv and play games on my phone — I’ve never made exceptions to that rule before. But there’s a first time for everything, and his sad eyes were killing me.

He’s sleeping now and I’m going to count us SUPER lucky if that one big puke was all this bug was. Fingers are crossed, and an appointment with the doc is booked in a few hours.

NOT the way I wanted to start my Christmas break, but a Mama’s gotta do what a Mama’s gotta do.


8 responses to “She Says… Two Words for You

  1. Aw poor Owen. Wishing him well from the side of the earth where that virus also spreads. Me and my girl both had that virus and my girl also puked all over herself. Let’s hope it’s just a virus and not something else.

  2. Oh I’m so sorry. Wash your hands and Lysol everything! Lots of germs going around and the gastro bug is one of them. I hope Owen feels better soon!

  3. Poor kiddo! And poor mom. It’s probably not this since he doesn’t have a fever, but when we were in the ER with a feverish toddler, the doc said an untreated UTI can cause vomiting after a few days. Just thought I’d mention it since you said it hurt him to pee.

  4. Poor little guy! Stomach bugs are the worst, but it always amazes me how fast kids bounce back from it. We had our own puking episode this morning. My 4 year old had a horribly violent episode and then…it was over. That was it. He was fine for the rest of the day. Here’s to hoping Owen’s bug is a quick one as well!

  5. Oh, poor baby boy! We were in the same boat on Monday. Amélie woke up not acting like herself and while at Target, the puking began. It was horrible! Lucky for us she was smiling again by the end of the day. Here’s hoping Owen’s back to his happy self soon!

  6. Oh no! I truly hope it’s a short-lived bug that starts to get better once it’s “out.” We all got it one time and I was the only one who couldn’t “expel” and it lasted MUCH longer, but Cameron and hubs recovered quickly. It was a sick Christmas for Cameron last year. He woke up Christmas morning with a fever and was miserable. It ended up being hand, foot & mouth disease and was fine after the fever broke, but a timely Christmas illness is especially a big bummer. Feel better Owen!!

  7. We’ve had the NASTY stomach bug TWICE since Thanksgiving– both boys had it the week before Thanksgiving, I had it ON Thanksgiving, Liam had it again two weeks ago, I had it last week and Rob came down with it this week. UGH!!!!! The only consolation I can tell you is that Round 2 only lasted about 12 hours, where Round 1 lasted 4 days!!

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