She Says… Holiday Gift Guide for 2-3 Year Olds (Part II)

So if you missed the first 5 of the Top 10 Things Owen Doesn’t Even Know He Wants for Christmas, check out yesterday’s post. If you read that and you’re ready for more, here are the last 5.

I must say, I’ve been LOVING seeing these posts on other blogs I read. It’s great to see what others are getting — they give me such great ideas! Also helpful for upcoming birthday parties for the 2-3 year old set.

6.  Pig popper. How cute is this toy?! I saw it in a magazine and immediately went to order it online for my nieces. Of course you can’t have just ONE popper, so I got them a pig and a cow. I can tell you with 100% certainty that my little rambunctious boy will adore having a ball launching toy he’s allowed to use inside. 6popper

7. Magic Mic (NOT to be confused with Magic Mike. That might be more of a Christmas present for Mommy.). Our little performer will get a kick out of this toy, as he already loves to put on a show for our friends and family (and anyone who will watch). It’s not fancy, but I predict it will provide hours of entertainment. Also? Perfect stocking stuffer size to fill up his ridiculously oversized stocking. 9microphone

8. Fisher Price Lil’ People School Bus. Not sure if this one has been purchased yet, but Owen has played with it at every friend’s house and doctor’s office. He’s now squarely in the “pretend play” stage, so he’s big into making up stories about the little people. Can’t beat how classic this one is.8bus

9. Melissa & Doug Sandwich Making Set. Our play kitchen (that Owen got last Christmas) has gotten lots of mileage so far. I think some new fake food is just what the doctor ordered to keep the momentum going. I am a huge Melissa & Doug fan, and their wooden food sets are by far the best I’ve seen. Now I just need to convince Owen that his set has gluten free bread so he can eat it!7food

10. Ah, the pièce de résistance. The big ‘un. A Mini Kick Scooter. This is what I pictured being Owen’s “unwrapped” gift under the tree (you know, the one with the big bow on it that you were THE MOST excited about getting). A few months ago I watched Owen hop on one of these scooters and, without any direction, start scooting down the sidewalk. His little body knew exactly what to do. I know he will love this. However, he’s getting so many other presents that I just don’t think we need it right now. And, frankly, giving a kid an outdoor scooter in the dead of winter in New England just seems cruel. I’m thinking this will be a MUCH better 3rd birthday gift next July. Still, I’m including it here because if Owen knew he could ask Santa for one, I’m sure he would.


So there you have it. 10 awesome gifts for 2-3 year olds. I hope Santa (or whoever brings your presents) is good to you and yours this year!


5 responses to “She Says… Holiday Gift Guide for 2-3 Year Olds (Part II)

  1. Good list again! I am totally looking into the pig popper! We have the school bus (boys LOVE it), and got a similar mic from the BPA made in china section at Michaels. Yup. Love that, too. And you can’t go wrong with M/D play food…Owen will love it all!

  2. That Pig Popper is too cute! And, at only $11… that’s awesome! Eli used to have that mic… he loved it until we lost it somehow. He got the school bus for his birthday in June and loves playing with it still. At the moment, it’s filled with zoo animals and the little bus people are in a bull dozer, but whatever. He also has that scooter. He got it last year for Christmas and only really figured it out recently. He doesn’t play with it a ton, but he enjoys it. I love it because it is “safe” for him and pretty easy for him to use!

  3. I “borrowed” your idea for Owen’s Christmas gift last year (the Ikea kitchen) and gave that to my son for his 2nd birthday this year. Since then, I have regularly added to his growing dishes/play food collection. Have you checked out Ikea’s plush play food? It’s fab and cheap. I love the Melissa and Doug stuff too.

  4. So, I think we might have the same child…every gift is something we have and LOVE, or something I must get immediately (Pig popper?? Um, yeah!!) Great list! I have no doubt that Owen will love it all!

  5. We got Liam the mini kick scooter for his bday and he’s just starting to figure it out!! Love your list!

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