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She Says… He’s Making a List (Or Holiday Gift Guide for 2-3 Year Olds: Part I)

Well, Santa is, at least. Not Owen.

Thankfully I have convinced Owen (and he believes me, for now…) that you get to ask Santa for ONE special present, so we haven’t yet gotten to the stage of him making a long list that I feel like I, umm, Santa needs to buy. In fact, we have such a large extended family who all LOVE to give gifts that I’m doing my best to take the gift explosion down a notch and keep it as small as possible. It’s quite clear to me that Owen NEEDS very little in his life, and he has plenty of toys. I don’t want to steal the joy of coming down the stairs to piles of presents under the tree (as I have such sweet memories of this myself), but with all of the generous people in Owen’s life, we, err, Santa gets off the hook really easily.

Still, I started adding things to my his Amazon list a few months ago in preparation for the “What does Owen want for Christmas” questions. And I am getting almost as excited as he will when I see what has been purchased! Several readers and friends have asked me what is on “Owen’s list” this year so they can get some ideas for the 2 year olds on their list. Ask and you shall receive.

Owen’s Top 10 Christmas Gifts (ahem, curated entirely by me… he has no idea he wants these things!). I added them all to the This Place is Now a Home Amazon store and included links below.

1. The one and only thing he has said that he will ask Santa for is “a trash truck”. I just scored this Matchbox Mega Shift Garbage Truck while I was out running errands and I KNOW he is going to love it!

2. Lego Duplo “My First Fire Station” set. Owen already loves his duplos (big legos) and he’s incredibly good at attaching them together. He always wants us to make boats and cars. I’m hoping this set will help him expand his requests.

3. Play Doh Toolin’ Around Playset. We’ve been doing some SERIOUS playdoh around here recently, but we’re lame and use things like cookie cutters and forks. He will totally love all of these new tools.

4. Marble Run. Have you guys seen these? I hadn’t, but apparently they are a classic kid toy. This one has modular pieces so you can build different tracks and roll the marble down. I can tell this will be a hit.

5. Neo Train set. Several family members asked to buy Owen a wooden train set this year. Though I love those sets and they are such a wonderful toy, they are also quite expensive, take up a lot of space, and encourage lots more buying (more trains! trees! buildings! a train depot! more trains! more trains!). We recently played with this cheaper, more compact alternative at a friend’s house and I knew that was the answer for us. The tracks are super flexible and the trains/cars turn on with a switch and zoom around the tracks.

Phew, that took long than I expected, so the next 5 things on the list will be tomorrow’s post.

In the meantime, tell me, what gifts are on your list this year?