Daily Archives: December 11, 2012

She Says… “Happy Harmonica!”

Yesterday Owen and I had a playdate at a friend’s house who celebrates Hanukkah. Owen has demonstrated such a strong understanding of Christmas (well, as far as Santa and presents and reindeer and sleighs are concerned) that I decided to test the waters discussing Hanukkah on our drive to their house.

Me: You know, your friend Jonah celebrates Hannukah instead of Christmas. That means he won’t have a Christmas tree, but he’ll have some pretty candles called a menorah instead. You can say, “Happy Hanukkah” to him, instead of “Merry Christmas” (Owen’s new favorite thing is to yell HAPPY CHRISTMAS as loud as he can into everyone’s face).


Since we haven’t delved into Jesus or religion or personal beliefs with Owen yet, I decided to steer clear of the bigger discussion here. Still, Owen didn’t bat an eyelash that some people do one thing, and others do something different. Similarly, I recently casually threw into conversation that some families have a mommy and a daddy, and some families have two mommies, or two daddies, or lots of parents, or one parent. With the same wide-eyed smile, he just said, “Yeah!”.

No questions asked. Total acceptance.

Adults could learn a LOT from 2 year olds sometimes.