Daily Archives: December 5, 2012

She Says… The Silver (Sequined) Lining

I’m on another work trip.

I know, I know, I just came back from a work trip. Usually my trips are spaced out throughout the year, but these two weeks are always scheduled back-to-back every year. Last week in Chicago and this week in New York. And it always feels a bit crazy. And as I reported last week, Owen gave Benjamin a bit of a hard time while I was gone last week; thus, leaving again for this trip was even harder than usual.


The great news is that, so far, Owen did fine. I dropped him off at daycare this morning and we talked about my trip, where I was going, who was going to pick him up from school and put him to bed, and blah blah blah. Side note: He asked me if I was “going to sing in New York”. I think he thinks I sing all day at work. If only. The talking and explaining (and explaining again) seems to be really helpful for him so he’s not caught off guard expecting me and instead getting someone else. It seemed to do the trick, today at least, because Benjamin said pickup and bedtime were great, and Owen was super happy to see him. It all depends on the day, I guess!


Since I got into New York City a few hours early today, I decided to give myself a little early Christmas present. My entire life, since I was a little musical theater junky singing into my hairbrush at night and choreographing dances with my little sister on our back porch, I have been dying to see the Rockettes Christmas Spectacular. I would cancan my heart out in front of the tv during every Thanksgiving Day Parade. I was devastated to find out that a 5′ 2″ girl with big hips would never even make it to Rockettes auditions. Sigh.


So tonight, with no other responsibilities and no toddler in tow, I ran up to the ticket window at Radio City Music Hall and bought myself a last minute seat. I literally almost cried when the ticket lady handed me my ticket. Ok, maybe I DID cry a little. Dork.

The show was gorgeous. I think I watched the whole thing with my mouth open. And a tear in my eye. Seriously.


So I have to be away on a business trip two weeks in a row, which sucks. But the silver (sequined! sparkly! spectacular!) lining is that I got to fulfill a lifelong dream.

It was magical. Even alone.