Daily Archives: December 4, 2012

She Says… “Oh! I love it!”

I wish you all could have been sitting in the passenger seat of my car when I drove Owen home from school yesterday.


After putting up a little fight when it was time to come home (sound familiar? He seems to be having a bit of trouble with transitions the past week or so…), Owen was a little whiny in the car. He was mid-sentence when he stopped talking and his jaw dropped to the ground. “OH!” he shouted breathlessly. “I LOVE IT!”. I nearly slammed on the brakes just to see what he was so in love with.

I followed his gaze to a bush covered in colored Christmas lights. One bush. Some dinky little lights. Yet, he couldn’t even speak he was so enamored. Like he’d never seen anything so beautiful in his little life.


It was so completely one of those moments where this little person taught me such an important lesson. I couldn’t stop grinning the whole way home.

On Sunday we got our Christmas tree, and during Owen’s naptime yesterday I put on the lights (white, in our case, but they still elicited the same awed response) and got the stockings out of basement storage. Again, I wish you could have been a fly on the wall when he came downstairs. He jumped around the room shouting out everything that was different. The lights! The stockings! One with SANTA ON IT! Snowman decorations!


A Verizon Fios salesman came to our door to try to sell us something later that evening, and Owen jumped right out the door and screamed at him, “WE GOT A CHRISTMAS TREE! AND STOCKINS! AND SANTAAAAAAAAAAA!”. What can I say, the kid does not discriminate who he shares his enthusiasm with. Today he told his teachers all about the “hangins”, which I think is the cutest name for stockings (get it? hanging stockings became hangins?) EVER.


The level of his excitement and joy is astonishing. And hilarious. And precious. And beautiful.

Oh! I love it.