She Says… Pajama Party

It’s been ages since I had Owen in those adorable one-piece, footed pajamas. Oh how I loved to dress him in them when he was tiny, but as his active body grew, they became less and less convenient to put on a squirmy kid. Not to mention the fact that the rambunctious rolling around in his crib (between his pajamas, fleece blanket and supersoft minky sheet) created enough electricity to shock him, and me, constantly.

So around 18 months I switched to cotton, long-sleeved, two-piece pajamas and haven’t looked back. I’ve actually found that since we keep our house at a relatively steady temperature, the long sleeved, long pants pj’s with socks pulled up to his knees works year round with just a small blanket (fleece in cold weather, cotton in warm).

Recently, though, Owen was going through his drawers and found these fleece footies. With guitars on them. As soon as he spotted them, he asked to put them on. “Can you put ‘dese on me? Please? ‘Dey have daguitars on them.” “Can I wear my daguitars to school?”. We have another pair with monsters on them. “What’s his name? ‘Dat monster?” “‘Dere are blue ones and green ones and white ones!” “I like monsters”.

I was ready to pack them up and put them in the “too small” box in the attic, but Owen has other plans, I think.

Now my only problem is getting him OUT of them and into regular clothes.


11 responses to “She Says… Pajama Party

  1. RhodeyGirlTests

    Aw he is such a cutie pie!

    What kind of fleece blanket does he use and when did you introduce it? Raffi is 13 months now and his room is much colder than ours. I have him in a long sleeve onesie + fleece footed PJs and he is still cold some nights. I haven’t found a blanket I feel comfortable with him having yet though. Please share!

  2. @RhodeyGirlTests, Great question. I wish I could remember exactly when I introduced a blanket, but I can’t really. I bet it was right around 14 months when the weather turned colder (this time last year). Owen was walking and crawling and standing and practically mobile enough to crawl out of his crib, so I felt comfortable putting a blanket in there with him (I was sure he could move it out of the way, not get tangled in it and wouldn’t suffocate). I probably waited longer than most people — almost everyone I know put blankets and toys in their cribs much earlier. We never had any issues once I added it. I think I started with a light cotton blanket (like those Aden & Anais ones, because they were so breathable) and once I realized he liked it and wasn’t in danger, I switched to fleece for the fall/winter. You could start with naps and work up to nighttime if you are nervous.

    What about others? When did you put a blanket in the crib?

  3. I really wish these two could get together! They could talk until one of them passes out! Chloe is walking around in a Dora shirt that is three sizes too big and she likes a pair of pants that are now capris but that was not their original use! Give me a call the next time you come to town. We are doing “You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown” this year and I’ve been thinking about you a lot!

  4. Daguitars!
    Love it!

    I was reminiscing recently about the Dr. Denton’s PJs I loved as a kid. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, it just reinforces that I’m really old.

  5. @Amy, Ahh! Adorable. I so wish we could hang more often. Sniff sniff, I have happy memories of “Charlie Brown”!

    @Nancy, Wikipedia to the rescue… NOW I know what Dr. Denton’s are 🙂 and they look suuuuuper comfy.

  6. The funny thing about these were that they were one piece blanket sleepers with footie pajamas for big kids and adults (clingy polyester knit, no less) and they had that handy-dandy patented “Back Door” flap so you could go pee at night without getting cold or needing to unzip your one-piece pajama. Really stylin’! I also had 2 pairs of Snoopy corduroy pants that I LOVED. This was probably in 1972.

  7. Nicky Chlopecki

    @RhodeyGirlTests – we use the Halo sack for big kids. It works great! My daughter is two and I have yet to try a blanket but her room is very cool at night. I have found that the footed sleep sack keeps her just warm and toasty with a nice warm footie PJ under it.
    Good luck!

    P.S Kate I am love your blog and Owen is just adorable!

  8. Around 18mths Cameron no longer wanted anything to do with a sleep sack, but before then, they were the bomb. Now I am a big fan of the footie PJs and am keeping Cameron in them as long as I can because I think it’s adorable! He wears both the two piece and the footie ones.. He uses a blanket and a pillow. I go in every night before I go to sleep to cover him back up because he usually gets uncovered in the chitter chatter going to sleep process!

  9. Will has a pair of the fleece that have what looks like shoes on the feet with laces and everything. He gets so confused because we never put him to bed in shoes!

  10. @Nicky, Thank you!

    @Angie, Yep, Owen too. No more sleep sacks (or even footie pajamas for awhile) after the mobility of 16-18 months set in.

    @Sarah, That is adorable!

  11. Those are some fierce jammies.

    My almost 4-year-old still occasionally wears footie pajamas (sometimes you can find them in 5T!). He has Superman ones complete with cape. They are so cute, but can be a pain when we have to get him up in the night to use the bathroom (having to unzip most of the way).

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