Daily Archives: November 2, 2012

She Says… Swingset Surprise

Operation: Hide The Swingset was in full swing on Halloween night. Thankfully we got Owen in the house without seeing it (you can see the tower over our fence, and his eagle eyes would have noticed it in a heartbeat) and when we returned from trick-or-treating it was hidden by the darkness. Success!

When I picked Owen up from school yesterday I told him we had a surprise for him. He guessed tons of hilarious things that it could be. The best: he was CONVINCED the surprise was a granola bar (???), and started crying when I told him it wasn’t something he could eat. I tried to console him by telling him it was BETTER than a snack, but apparently a granola bar was the best thing he could ever imagine.

I think his little mind was blown when he finally saw what it was.


To those who have asked what kind we ended up with: After much researching, many phone calls, and stalking our friends’ swingsets, we finally decided that Creative Playthings was the way to go. Benjamin and I stopped by our local store last week because they were having a sale, and it turned out to be an AMAZING sale and we bought the set on the spot. The best part? The sale included delivery and assembly, and they could do it as soon as the next week! Unbelievable. Swingsets are a serious investment (aka super expensive), but I am so glad to have gotten such a great deal from such a reputable company. Our family will play on this for MANY years.