She Says… Halloween 2012, The Year of the Pumpkin

The cutest little pumpkin in the patch.

Owen had a BALL on Halloween. As I told you, he has been practicing “Halloweening” for weeks, and all of those rehearsals paid off.

The kid rocked it. He went to the first house and dawdled a bit, but once he realized the treat was CANDY?! He was off and running. Instead of saying “thank you”, he was all, “Can we go to ‘nother house?”.

What can I say. He takes after his mom in his determination.

He loved his costume. And I loved that it was made out of fleece and filled with fluff — super warm for the chilly night!

When we got home, he was anxious to sort through his haul. I let him choose one piece to have before bed and he gingerly chose a KitKat (his first, and my favorite).

He licked it and savored it and made it last a good ten minutes before I threatened to take it away if he didn’t just eat it.

What? Bedtime was looming.

I think I can officially say that Owen loves Halloween as much as Benjamin and I do (see our costumes before Owen was born?).

For those who care how I made the costume:
I based the pumpkin part off of this costume (very generally… I shrunk the measurements and made only 4 segments, then put elastic at the top and bottom), that cute little elf hat on this one, and based his pants loosely on this pair. Or, I should say tightly… since they turned out like little mini hipster skinny pants. They barely covered his little diaper butt, but they worked for the costume. This being my first sewn Halloween costume, it was quite a learning experience.


6 responses to “She Says… Halloween 2012, The Year of the Pumpkin

  1. I don’t hand out this compliment very often so take this seriously…you have the most adorable child on the face of the planet!!! Owen was the cutest baby and now he is the cutest tot. My mom used to make our Halloween costumes back in the day. You did a great job, Kate!

  2. His costume is way too cute! Good job! Instead of saying “Trick-or-Treat,” Eli kept saying “Candy, please!” Me? Mortified.

  3. Adorable, as usual! Cameron loved it too. He was too shy to not be in my arms while doing the knocking until the very last house. Butat the end we achieved the love for Halloween. He got to have a lollipop and a chocolate bar and he scammed his way into a bag of cheesies too! His first word when he woke up in the morning was, “lollipop?” And the first thing he said when I picked him up after day care was, “Candy?” So I guess after 2 years of not giving him the “generic” junk, we’re now kinda screwed now, aren’t we?

    Great job on the costume! I’m just curious how much the whole project cost? I’d love to try to make one next year, but aside from loving the idea of making it myself, wonder if it would end up costing much more for the various materials for this type of costume?

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! He is soooo precious!

  5. @Allie, Thank you!!! I tend to think so too… but I’m biased 🙂

    @Casey, Ha! I totally hear you. Apparently two year olds don’t really understand gratitude 🙂 Maybe next year.

    @Angie, I know, Owen was SO excited about the candy, and he didn’t even know what they tasted like. He loved his KitKat and I put the rest of his bucket away and he hasn’t asked for another piece. So maybe I’ve got a little while longer? The costume was super cheap. I think my grand total at JoAnn Fabrics was $15 (which included the bucket and a skeleton for our front door). All I needed was a yard or two of orange fleece, 1 yard of green fleece for the hat and pants, and a short length of elastic. I had the black felt for the jack-o-lantern face and some leftover batting/stuffing already at home.

  6. Adorable!!

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