She Says… Best. Day. Ever

THIS is happening today.

I think I’m almost more excited than Owen will be when he comes home.

The only problem is… it’s ALSO Halloween. Aka the day we were going to pick Owen up early from school and feed him a quick dinner so he could get out trick-or-treating before bedtime. If he sees the swingset? All bets are off.

So here’s our plan…


Yes, we are going to attempt to keep Owen in the dark that a huge wooden and plastic monstrosity created specifically for climbing and jumping and swinging and all of his favorite outdoor activities (we got a rock wall, y’all) exists. Despite the fact that you can see the top over our fence.

Cross your fingers.

Worst case scenario, though, is that he sees it and it trumps trick-or-treating. Not the end of the world. But ideally he gets to enjoy both, at different times.

Happy Halloween! Pics of the pumpkin costume to come tomorrow.


3 responses to “She Says… Best. Day. Ever

  1. Happy Halloween! Halloween is postponed here in New Jersey due to the storm damage, so I keep forgetting that it is today!

    That is great! What kind did you end up with? We are going to make the purchase this spring and I started getting overwhelmed with the research. I would love to know what you ended up with.

    Good luck hiding the swingset!

  2. OMG tape his reaction when he sees it!

  3. Hey!! I just wanted to say my 4 month old son was the bag of popcorn for Halloween this year and people loved it, we got stopped everywhere asking if they could take our picture! Thank you so much for the idea, I wanted him to be something different than everyone else, and he was! We also placed in the costume contest 🙂 can’t wait to see your little pumkin!

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