She Says… Hurrication 2012

I am a serious eye-roller when it comes to weather predictions and drama-filled news stories like “THE END OF THE WORLD IS UPON US! GO GET A MILLION LOAVES OF BREAD AND HUNKER DOWN IN YOUR BASEMENT FOR THE NEXT WEEK! WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE!”. More often than not, I’m right. Still, though, you never know when those predictions might actually be right. So despite my blase attitude, I still had candles out, flashlights with extra batteries ready and water stockpiled for Hurricane Sandy that blasted the East Coast the last two days. Thankfully, though Sandy pummeled us pretty well and we were without power for a little while, we were in the minority who fared very well throughout the storm (I am writing this now from my house, with power, while Owen plays happily at school, which is open). I know others were not as fortunate.

Entertaining an astonishingly active toddler, fighting through painful teething, who can’t get out of the house for 2 days was almost more exhausting than worrying about the storm itself. So thankful my mom could be here with us to keep us company while Benjamin was traveling this weekend. I might have lost my mind doing this one alone. She came up for just a short visit, which got extended thanks to the hurricane, so she’s here until Thursday!

Benjamin’s flight home was also cancelled, but he opted to rent a car and brave the roads from Buffalo, NY to Boston on Monday — NOT happy that he was out driving while the storm was ramping up, but I was so happy to have him home safe and sound Monday night when it got really bad!

We pretty much played with every toy we own, and I dug deep into my craft supplies and into the depths of my babysitter/camp counselor brain to think of some new activities to keep him occupied.

We danced and bounced. (Dudes, check out his ballet routine at :30. It rocks.)


We baked up delicious gluten free pumpkin rolls and homemade granola. Not bad things to have on hand if you can’t open the refrigerator for a few days, eh?


We played playdoh. And, thanks to my mom, the activity lasted longer than it ever has before (like, 30 minutes, rather than 2 or 3) because she taught Owen all kinds of new skills like rolling snakes and using cookie cutters. Grandmas (or RahRahs, in our case) are the absolute best.


We played all of our CD’s, played all of our instruments and danced around the house some more. Owen digs the “wandering minstrel” thing, and sashayed through the house singing songs with various instruments (ukelele, djembe drum, maracas, etc.).


And we decorated our pumpkins, toddler-style.

Owen was a basket case by the end of 2 days in the house. Ahem. We all were. We spend most of our time OUT of the house (at music class, going for walks, running errands, on the playground, at the dog park, on the playground some more…), so we were not used to having so much time to fill at home.

So thankful that we have power today and that Owen’s school was open. Hooray for small miracles. Thinking about everyone else who was not as fortunate through this storm — hang in there!

Did Sandy affect you? How did you pass the time with your kid(s)?


4 responses to “She Says… Hurrication 2012

  1. Glad Benjamin was able to get home safely!

  2. Glad you are all OK! Yes, Sandy affected me. I live in NJ (about 30 miles from where she made landfall) and it was extremely scary! My 4 and 7 year old boys mainly entertained each other, but we did a lot of reading (finished all 217 pgs of a Wimpy Kid book with my oldest!), some pumpkin painting, and building old fashioned forts out of blankets and pillows. After 48 hours of house arrest, we were ALL anxious to get out today!

  3. Got a hurricane day off school in Ohio (???!!!) and hasn’t stopped raining since Friday. Going insane!

  4. I live in NJ and have been out of power since Monday at 7:30. Let’s just say I will never use the bathroom with the lights on the same way again! Going to the bathroom by candlelight is quite the adventure. We got lucky that our home didn’t flood. My prayers go out to those who lost homes during the the crazy storm.

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