She Says… Pumpkinpalooza

Pumpkins, pumpkins, pumpkins. We’re surrounded by pumpkins!

Last weekend we happened upon a super sweet pumpkin festival at a local farm store.

Any party with trampolines and a bouncy house wins Owen’s heart. He was in toddler heaven.


They had a surplus of little pumpkins and let kids paint them (a craft we had also done at home, but of course Owen liked this “open air” version even better).



And then we picked out the lucky little pumpkins that would come home with us. Owen took this VERY seriously and wanted to be sure he touched every pumpkin before choosing his favorite.


He kept asking me, “Which one do you like, Mommy?”. When I picked one, he would say, “Which other one do you like, Mommy?” so the game could go on forever. When I turned the question back on him, he’s start bouncing around shouting, “Dis one! Dis one! Dis one!” until he had chosen them all.


He clamored over the pumpkins singing them songs and patting them each on their stems.



Finally we picked one big guy and one little guy to take home. Owen insisted on carrying his little one all the way to the car, which meant it took us about a million years (and many stops to pick up the dropped pumpkin) to get there. That boy cracks me up.

I’ve been trying to think of fun pumpkin crafts that don’t involve knives (you know, active toddlers and sharp objects are not usually a good match). We’ve done the painting project twice now, so maybe we’ll do markers next. My mom suggested that there are little googly eyes and noses and things you can buy that poke right into the pumpkin. That would be cute too. And I’ve seen some people using tissue paper and modge podge, which might be fun as well. What do your little ones do with pumpkins that doesn’t involve blades?

To add to the pumpkin love, I am almost finished with Owen’s pumpkin Halloween costume. Tonight I just need to make a little hat and put the jack-o-lantern face on the pumpkin tunic. Cute, cute, cute. I sure hope he still wants to be a pumpkin!


4 responses to “She Says… Pumpkinpalooza

  1. note to self – when I have kiddos, a little trampoline like that is a MUST!

  2. @Emily, We have a little one with a bar he can hold onto when he jumps. It is AWESOME!

  3. I saw an awesome idea– take painters tape and put a design on a pumpkin (or letters). Then let Owen paint to his heart’s content. Let it dry, then remove the painter’s tape to reveal the design!

  4. You should look at Young House Love’s pumpkin ideas- they covered pumpkins with modge podge and let their daughter place tissue paper circles in different colors all over the pumpkin. It turned out really cute!

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