She Says… Oktoberfest… for toddlers?

We usually try to plan our weekends around social events. And while that makes it sound like we are partying it up every day and night, they are generally social events… for Owen. His afternoon nap is usually 1:00-3:30pm ish, so the day is broken up into two distinct blocks. The morning block is the longest stretch. When he was little, I used to plan events just to get us through that long stretch; these days it’s much more relaxed and flexible, and I plan the events to keep us all entertained and happy.

My little social butterfly loves a full dance card.

This past weekend we had one of those perfect social events that was really for Benjamin and I (with our friends, doing what we wanted to be doing), but Owen had such a blast I guarantee he thought the event was planned just for him.

Our next door neighbors, who have become really close friends of ours since we moved into our new house (and who are due with their first baby next year — we’re all very excited!), had their annual Oktoberfest party over the weekend. They live literally right next door and our baby monitor reaches their yard, so we were able to have an hour or so at the party in the afternoon while Owen finished up his nap (GLORIOUS!). Once he woke up, I popped over to get him out of bed and brought him back to the party.

He was in heaven being the center of attention at a party of adults.

He ate. A lot. This kid can put away as many brats as a full grown man.

He chatted about cameras and beer with the best of ’em.

He snuggled. It got pretty chilly, in true Oktoberfest style.

He even helped “the boys” move the couch in front of the outdoor fireplace when the sun went down. He kept running up to everyone at the party, getting right in their face and saying, “The sun goin’ down!”.

It’s like he’s a college kid already.


3 responses to “She Says… Oktoberfest… for toddlers?

  1. RhodeyGirlTests

    Looks like a fun afternoon! When did his nap get longer like that? Raffi is only napping 1.25 hours (at 11:30) and it makes the days lonnnnng. He just started this one nap thing a month ago and he’s almost 13 months old. Tell me when it will get better!

  2. Lovely photos! How awesome that the baby monitor reaches next door! Finding such good friends in next door neighbours is the ultimate JACKPOT.. Looks like loads of fun!

  3. @RhodeyGirlTests, It WILL get better! I can’t remember exactly when it happened for Owen, but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t until 16 or 17 months. We dropped to one nap around 15 months, if I remember correctly, and it took a little while for him to realize that he could get more sleep in the afternoon than he used to. It coincided with moving the nap later in the afternoon (from 11:30-1:00ish), too, so maybe it had something to do with the fact that he was more tired from a longer morning. I remember when we were on Raffi’s schedule, though, so don’t despair!

    @Angie, I know, we did hit the neighbor jackpot! So lucky. We can’t wait to put a door on the fence between our houses so our kids can play in each others’ fenced in yards. So cute!

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