She Says… Playing Halloween

Ever since I started asking Owen what he wants to be for Halloween this year, we’ve been talking about the impending holiday. He has been especially interested in all of the Halloween decorations popping up around our neighborhood and asks about every scarecrow, ghost and goblin.

Side note: I find it amazing that kids this young know what they are supposed to be afraid of. We were in Home Depot a few weeks ago and there was a scary witch decoration. Owen got very nervous and ran away saying, “I don’t like her!” in a clearly scared voice I’ve never heard him use before. Why are witches inherently scary? How does he even know what scared feels like? He looks at monsters in books and has never gotten the idea that they might not be nice monsters, so what clues did he get from that witch that made him realize she is supposed to be scary? I find it all very interesting. Needless to say, we’re beginning to talk about being scared, and scary things, and how decorations are not real, for the first time. Thanks a lot, Home Depot.

In addition to the decorations, we’ve been talking a lot about trick or treating. Owen really has no idea what that means. Last year we took him to our two neighbor-friends’ houses and showed off his costume. I think they each gave him a piece of candy that I promptly removed from his view and he never thought twice about it. He loved opening our door for other trick or treaters and seeing their costumes, but I don’t think he really understood what they were doing.

This year, though, I think he will REALLY dig the concept. Especially since he has had a few pieces of candy now and knows what the fuss is all about! The other day when I was out getting fabric for his costume, I picked up a little pumpkin bucket for him to take trick or treating. He asked what it was as soon as I came home, and after I explained it, a new game was born.

I present, “Playing Halloween”.

Oh, you don’t know how to play? Owen will show you. He’s a pro.




3 responses to “She Says… Playing Halloween

  1. RhodeyGirlTests

    You have the cutest child ever.

  2. heatherdriveblog

    It is SO FUNNY you mention the witch at Home Depot. Nora was terrified of the exact same one!! She saw it and FREAKED OUT. And my husband and I had the exact same discussion after the fact… How does she KNOW that it’s scary? How do they learn to be scared of certain things? Are instincts really that powerful? It was fascinating.

  3. @RhodeyGirlTests, Haha. Thanks! We think so 🙂

    @heatherdrive, Strange!!! Perhaps Home Depot needs some feedback about that witch!

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