She Says… Undah Preshah

That was my lame attempt to make sure you caught the musical reference in the title. Yay? Nay?

This little blog has been getting quite the workout the last few days due to people linking back to pictures of the popcorn Halloween costume I made for Owen’s 1st Halloween. I am still extremely proud of the creative idea and the simple execution (sans sewing machine). Last year, however, despite my love for all things costume-y, I copped out and found Owen a cute doggie costume for $5 at our local consignment store. Side note: the pictures in that costume (go! click the link!) are some of my favorites of Owen — I’d almost forgotten how chubby his cheeks were, or how he used to talk before he became so gosh darn verbal. This surge in people loving on my Pinterest-worthy popcorn costume has made me put quite a bit of (undue, totally self-inflicted) pressure on myself to make this year’s costume just as cute. And creative. And fun. And pin-able.

Don’t roll your eyes at me, Benjamin. I know I’m nuts.

This year there is a complicating variable in the whole “What should we be for Halloween” conundrum. And it’s a big ‘un. Owen has developed these little things calls OPINIONS. And now he has THE WORDS to tell me exactly what he wants to be. I thought I had a few more years of picking out his costume, but boy was I wrong.

For the last few weeks I’ve been asking Owen what he wants to be for Halloween. I had to describe what Halloween was, and what “dressing up” means and suggest a few ideas… but as soon as he caught onto the concept, he declared, “A fire engine!”. “Do you mean a fireman, buddy?”. “No! A fire ENGINE!”.

Oh Lord.

So I spent a few nights Googling and thinking about how I could make him a fire engine costume, and finally settled on a cardboard box costume that he could wear with suspenders. Until I proudly told Benjamin about the carefully crafted box I was going to create, and he looked at me like I was a crazy person. “Don’t you think putting a 2 year old in a box costume is a recipe for disaster? It’s so bulky. What if he doesn’t want to put it on? What will he wear then? And he won’t understand how he has to move in it… it’s just not comfortable.”

Damn. He was so right.

So, in the spirit of understanding that 2 year olds change their minds at the drop of a hat, I kept asking Owen. I asked him in different ways, at different times. He held fast to the fire engine costume idea, so I went back to the drawing board. I’m an amateur sewer now (I use that term very loosely, but I’ve made 2 quilts!)… could I sew him a soft, plush fire engine costume? Probably not. Even with a pattern (that I doubt exists), I’m not sure I could pull that one off.

Finally, mercifully, I asked him again last week and, grinning, he shouted, “A PUMPKIN!”.


A pumpkin costume is definitely something I can pull off. In fact, I have a very personal connection to pumpkin costumes as I was wearing one on my most traumatic Halloween. (You know which one I mean. The one where girls eventually have to realize that other girls are going to be a “sexy” anything instead of something comfortable or creative… I showed up to a 7th grade mixer dressed in a round, padded pumpkin costume and green tights and sneakers only to find that NO ONE, and I  mean no one, would dance with me. Apparently I hadn’t gotten the memo that pumpkin costumes are pretty much the least attractive costume you can imagine, and are also very hard to dance in. Also? Middle schoolers are mean.).

Anyway. That’s beside the point. The point is that Owen seems to be sticking with “A PUMPKIN!” (said with a huge smile) as his answer for what he’s going to be for Halloween, and I have already started scheming about how to make it the cutest darn homemade pumpkin costume ever.

Oh, and I STILL picked up the $5 special at our local consignment store as a backup costume. Just in case.


2 responses to “She Says… Undah Preshah

  1. My 2 year old isn’t very vocal yet, but he is VERY opinionated. I’m making him a Sir Topham Hatt (from Thomas the Tank Engine) costume and he seems to hate everything about it. Hates the jacket. Hates the vest. Hates the top hat. Phooey.

  2. I don’t ask my kid what she wants. Opened ended questions for 2 year olds are a black hole of despair. I just took to her Target to the appropriate costume section and said “Do you like this one or this one?” and bam, problem solved.

    I know, so un-creative of me 🙂

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