She Says… Getaway

You know in the movies when a man whisks a woman off to a fancy schmancy date and gets her a new dress to wear for it, so it can be a surprise? I always roll my eyes when that happens, because how in the world does he know if the dress will fit? Or if she’ll like it? Or what shoes would do with it? Or which bra, for that matter? But still, the sentiment is very sweet and it would be very exciting to be whisked off for a surprise date like that.

That isn’t exactly how our little getaway went down, but it started by Benjamin saying, “Get yourself a new dress. I’m getting an overnight babysitter and we’re going to go for a little mini vacation — a weekend getaway”. With all of the traveling that he’s been doing, it was the perfect time for a little one-on-one trip, sans toddler.

So on Saturday we embarked on our second-ever overnight away from Owen (we’ve both traveled quite a bit individually for work, but we’ve only done one other night “away” with us together since Owen was born).

A few days prior, we started prepping Owen for what was going to happen. “Your new friends G and A are going to come over and they’ll put you down for a nap and wake you up, and you can go to the playground, and they will make you dinner and even give you a bath and put you to bed! Mommy and Daddy are going to go sleep in a hotel, but we’ll be back by lunchtime on Sunday”. He actually understood everything about the plan, and kept asking me what kinds of fun things he would do with his babysitters and seemed happy that they would be putting him to bed. I told him it would be “an adventure” and he was really looking forward to it.

Just like the last time we went away, the cold/bug Owen has been fighting all week came to a climax and threatened to jeopardize the the carefully planned trip. We spent Saturday morning at the doctor’s office diagnosing a double ear infection (which he hasn’t had in several months, a record for us!) and came home with antibiotics and directions to start up his breathing treatments again. Another thing to add to the babysitters’ to do list, but not a dealbreaker.


Owen was happy as a little clam when the babysitters arrived, and didn’t really bat an eyelash when Benjamin and I said goodbye. He was too busy showing off for his new girlfriends. We slipped out the door around 1pm and started our date. (Ahem, after a quick stop at the mall to get said dress — I know, I know, NOT Benjamin’s favorite way to start a date, but I hadn’t had time to get one yet).

We drove about 1.5 hours to Foxwoods casino in Connecticut. Like a little mini-Vegas without the flight! Even the car ride there felt a little bit like a date without a chatty toddler in the back seat.


It immediately felt like we were “away”.


We started the night off with a little champagne while we got ready. It felt like college again. We had so much fun!


We gambled. We switched off playing Blackjack and even enjoyed just walking around the casinos.


We ate. And drank. And ate some more. We had made a reservation at one of the celebrity restaurants there and splurged on a fabulous meal.


(Benjamin is making that weird face because apparently his chair was one of the most uncomfortable chairs he had ever sat in.)


They give everyone cotton candy with the check. So fun!

Throughout the afternoon the babysitters sent us pictures of what Owen was doing and we had an even better time knowing that Owen was having SO much fun at home.

The next morning we lingered in the hotel room and even went out to breakfast (which, I might add, is an entirely different experience than dining with a toddler!). It was lovely.


The drive home was quick and painless, and we were home by lunchtime on Sunday. Not exactly a full weekend away, but that 24 hours felt so different from our normal life that it was the perfect little getaway.

Owen was out in the backyard blowing bubbles and singing songs when we arrived — couldn’t have been happier. He ate well, slept well, took his medicine happily and acted like a total angel while we were gone.

Total. Getaway. Success.


6 responses to “She Says… Getaway

  1. We’ve done that exact same weekend getaway not only to MGM but to that specific restaurant for dinner and Juniors for breakfast. Those chairs…ugh. Glad you guys had a fun little trip!

  2. Of COURSE there was an illness to contend with! Glad it was not a deal breaker! Totally jealous of your little getaway! You looked beautiful! 🙂

  3. Your life always seems so glam. Maybe because you’re so gorgeous.
    That’s a pretty great husband you’ve got there. Tell him to keep up the good work 😉

  4. Where did you get your dress and necklace from?! They are gorgeous! Please share!

  5. @Gina, How funny! It was the perfect getaway without having to go too far. What great taste you have 🙂

    @Angie, Thank you! I know, that ear infection nearly gave me a heart attack. I’m happy to report he’s doing much better and thankful to have a very tough cookie for a kid.

    @Nancy, Ha! My life is definitely not glam, but you are very sweet to say so 🙂 He IS a wonderful husband, that’s for sure.

    @Liz, I’m embarrassed to say this, but I actually got the dress at Macy’s, in the (gasp) junior’s department. I felt totally ridiculous shopping next to sequin-adorned prom dresses, but something about the pattern on this dress called out to me. The best part? It was super duper cheap, and they were having a Columbus Day sale, so it was even cheaper. Score! The necklace was a find from Check them out — I always find really unique things. Love, love, love:

  6. Yay! So glad you guys got a little time away together!

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