She Says… Wordless Wednesday

Well, ALMOST wordless Wednesday.

Friends, it’s one of those weeks. Time is flying, to do lists are overflowing and my calendar is busting at the seams. I’m attending a training for the next two days at work that will make it nearly impossible for me to do any work (or blog) during the day, which means LOTS to do at night.

In lieu of writing, I’ll share some pictures from our second apple picking adventure from this past weekend (first apple picking adventure pictures here).


4 responses to “She Says… Wordless Wednesday

  1. Glad you made it back to Lookout Farm and that they had apples!!! I love Owen’s shark sweatshirt! And you rode the camel!!! My son has ridden the ponies but I wasn’t sure if he was ready for the camel-how did Owen like it? From the look on his face-looks like it was a success. Did they have the hayrides going when you went? I haven’t been on the hayride at Lookout yet but am hoping to by the end of the season! Good luck with all you have going on this week!

  2. Great pictures! Funny but Cameron has a halloween costume that is a shark and the top of it looks like Owen’s hoodie lol

    We’re going apple picking/pump patch perusing this weekend I hope!

  3. the 2nd to last pic is perhaps the cutest pic of you two EVERRRRRRRRRRRR!! love love!

  4. I love his sweatshirt and how happy he is about eating apples!

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