Kids have strong opinions. And they don’t hesitate to express them. Whether it’s crying or biting or yelling, they just haven’t developed their filter.

Owen is very advanced in his language skills. Usually, this is an enormous help to all of us. However, fabulous communication skills + strong opinions + no filter = awkward situations.

We recently started our once-a-week music class again for the fall season. We’ve done 3 seasons of class now, and Owen absolutely adores it. He knows the routine, the songs, the teacher. He pours over the music book and asks to listen to the current CD constantly. He learns the words to the songs and asks for them by name. Since we’ve done the class for almost a year with most of the same people, Owen is super duper comfortable. He is always a gregarious little social butterfly, but something about the comfort of this class seems to bring out his personality even more than usual. He runs in the door and doesn’t stop talking/singing/performing/being silly/dancing/saying hilarious things for the entire class. He’s the center of attention and he wouldn’t have it any other way.

This session, more than in the past, Owen has favorite songs and songs he really doesn’t like. Currently he doesn’t seem to like any that sound like lullabies or are too “pretty”. As soon as they come on the CD, he’ll say, “Don’t like ‘dat one, Mommy! Change it.”. When we’re listening at home, I roll with it and let him listen to what he wants to listen to. But in class it’s a different story.

Last week the teacher started singing a sweet, soft song and Owen turned to me and said, in a very loud voice, “I don’t LIKE dis one!”. I smiled and kept singing and tried to ignore him.

Maybe he thought I hadn’t heard him. Not to be ignored, he stood up from my lap, took my face in his hands, peered right into my eyes and yelled, “MOMMY! I DON’T LIKE DAT SONG!”. I busted out laughing, as did most of the other moms, and thankfully the teacher was laughing and smiling too. She nodded her head and we all kept singing through our laughter. She always tells us not to talk during class, that the best way we can teach our kids is by singing and using the music to show them the behavior we want them to emulate. So I kept smiling and tried to sing.

When appealing to me didn’t work, Owen did what he does best. He used his charming social skills to try to get what he wanted. He went around to every mom sitting in the circle and said, using his best manners, but in a VERY loud and clear voice: “I don’t LIKE dis song. Change it? Sing a different one? No like it.”. By the end of the song we were all dying laughing and he was standing there, triumphant and grinning.

The language skills are a liability when I don’t want him to repeat things, too. Remember the other night when he peed all over the floor of the bathroom at a restaurant? He was taking a walk around the restaurant with my father in law after dinner and started shouting “Pop! I peepeed all over da floor in ‘der!”.

I love 2 years old. Never a dull moment.


6 responses to “She Says… I DON’T LIKE DAT

  1. My 3-year-old has very strong opinions about music too. He loves to listen to the radio in the car, and loves to hear me sing too. Unless I’m singing a song he knows from the radio. For some reason taking a song from the radio (or a TV or movie theme song) out of context doesn’t fly with him. I get “don’t sing that, Mommy, it hurts my ears!” Nice.

  2. Too funny! When we’re out with Eli, he says hi to every.single.person. “Hi, guy!” he says… to everyone… guys & girls alike. We’re currently working on the difference between boys & girls. 🙂

  3. @Casey, So hilarious. Owen does the same. He’s very good at the girl/boy thing, except when women have short hair (especially older women). At the airport a few weeks ago Owen kept saying, “Whas dat man doin’? Readin’ a book?”. “Lady. That’s a lady reading a book.”. “MAN.”. “No, lady”. All within earshort. Sigh.

  4. “I don’t like that” is Cameron favourite phrase right now. If I turn the TV on to let him watch a cartoon in the morning, as soon as I turn on the TV, he doesn’t even give me the chance to change the channel to the cartoon before he’s saying “I don’t like that Mommy” as if to ensure I’m not going to mistake early morning yoga session for The Cat in the Hat!

    How about this one for toddler-isms: any time Cameron “breaks wind” and Hubs is around, he’ll claim, “Daddy farts!” lol

  5. Hello! I have been reading your blog for a couple of years now(ever since the amazing positive pt video) and I love your writing and helpful topics. Aside from your cool blog, This is totally random, but I saw you featured on Weedecors facebook page today. You and little man dressed up for Halloween. I am sure you are aware of this lol. I just thought it was neat! Can,t wait to see the costume this year.

  6. @Kenzi, I had no idea! I’m going to check out Weedecors now. Thank you 🙂

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