She Says… A Reason to Get Out of Bed in the Morning

Waking Owen up in the morning is one of my favorite parts of the day with him. Despite the fact that I usually wake up to his little voice tearfully whining “Mommy?“, he’s always laying down with his eyes closed (and nowhere near as emotionally distraught as his voice made him seem — little drama queen) when I come in his room. I turn the lights on just a little so it’s still dim, talk softly and turn off his sound machine. He smiles and rolls around in his bed and starts babbling immediately while his brain wakes up the rest of his body as I open the windows and let the sunshine in.

It’s a ‘chool day. Mommy goin’ to work? Wanna watch tv. Look at lovey, all tucked in. I put lovey in my mouf at ‘chool (apparently his new classroom tries to tell him not to put his lovey in his mouth at naptime… not really sure why, but he’s been talking about it a lot). No change my diaper, Mommy. Where’s my doggie? I wanna pat him!” We talk about the weather and what we’re going to do and what clothes he will wear. We look out the window and talk about the cars and trucks and birds. We play peekaboo and toss his lovey in and out of the crib, which he finds hilarious. On the weekends, he would happily roll around in bed and talk for a good 20 minutes before actually getting up. On school days I have to think of different things to get him excited about to get him out of his crib without a fight.

As of about a week ago, he has a new favorite reason to get out of bed in the morning.

His vitamin.

Yes, you read that right. His vitamin. He has always asked me lots of questions about what I’m eating and drinking. I take a vitamin every day, and he watches me closely. Being the little actor that he is, he used to stand next to me and mimic my movements, pretending to take a sip of water, put the pill in his mouth, take another swig and tip his head back to swallow. I never realized my vitamin-taking routine until he copied it.

Until recently, I hadn’t given Owen a vitamin of his own. We tried Poly-Vi-Sol when he was a baby, but after the barfing/not pooping incident, I threw that vile stuff away and never looked back. When we were breastfeeding I gave him Vitamin D drops, but since he started eating a well-rounded diet I haven’t really seen the need for a supplement. Nothing really changed in my vitamin philosophy, except that I figure a little boost of vitamins can’t hurt (especially as we head into cold & flu season and a new school year), and now he’s old enough to chew one of the vitamins that taste like candy. And what kid wouldn’t like that?

So a few weeks ago I saw some at Target, read the label to make sure they were recommended for kids his age, and gave him one as a “special treat”. For a kid who doesn’t get candy and rarely eats anything sweeter than an animal cracker, it was like Christmas morning 🙂

Now he’s obsessed with taking it every morning “just like Mommy”. All it takes to get him jumping out of bed is, “What color do you think your vitamin will be?”.

Unfortunately I doubt this technique will still work when he’s 16 and doesn’t want to wake up.


8 responses to “She Says… A Reason to Get Out of Bed in the Morning

  1. In the last month alone, I have witnessed 3 tragedies involving CHILDREN. A family friend lost their 6 month old to SIDS only 15 months after losing their 3 year old to a drowning incident. My girlfriend’s one month old has been in the NICU since birth and is awaiting his second surgery. And a blogger’s son was just diagnosed with a terminal illness. My point is…LIFE IS SHORT…give Owen a cookie!!! And let him watch TV in the morning if he wants!

  2. @Jen, Hahaha, he definitely eats cookies! I don’t withhold them on principle. We just don’t eat a ton of sweets as a family. And he gets a little tv every morning and night before bed 🙂 Totally hear your point though — don’t worry, Owen isn’t denied life’s little pleasures.

  3. Sorry, Kate! Didn’t mean to dump on you. It’s just become painfully clear lately how precious life is…and how unfair it can be.

  4. @Jen, I totally understand and couldn’t agree more. I’m so sorry you’ve had to experience so many sad stories recently.

  5. My daughter loves her vitamin too! We started it because I always took my Prenatals. Kids are funny!

  6. Hilarious! It’s unreal how different kids can be. Mine wakes up and basically says, “No change diaper (which of course I do anyway), want to eat!” I can’t even imagine the wrath I would face if I didn’t have breakfast ready. haha. 🙂

  7. What brand of vitamins do you buy for him? Thinking of getting my little one started on vitamins as he is in that phase of “pecking” at his food, lol.

  8. I JUST bought Cameron his first vitamins today. So far I’ve been giving him an Omega 3 squirt in a syringe and call it his “treat” since it tastes like bubblegum 🙂 I tried it and don’t think it’s awesome tasting though until after it’s swallowed – it’s oil with a bubblegum aftertaste! He seemed to think it was the greatest thing since I called it a “treat” though! Can’t wait to try the multi tonight. What kind do you buy? It’s moments like that where I feel like it’s “mom for the win!”

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