She Says… Ships Passing in the Night

Last week Benjamin returned from a 10-day trip. He was home for two nights, and then had to take another 3 day trip almost immediately. After that we spent the weekend together, soaking up every second as a family (hence our lovely Sunday bike riding and doing totally mundane things like yard work and laundry, that felt surprisingly enjoyable simply because we were all together). Then on Monday morning I packed my bags and headed to work to spend 2 nights in a hotel while I ran (and am still running) an intensive week-long training event that requires me to cover late night dinners and early morning sessions and everything in between.

We are fortunate to be able to fit our schedules together like a very complicated puzzle to make our lives work. And not only do they just “work”, but we thrive on the together times and make the best of the apart times and we both get to have fulfilling careers while keeping our family happy.

But sometimes, when our schedules collide like last week and this week, we’re like ships passing in the night.

Not for nothin’, but you know what’s really hard when you barely see your spouse? Umm, making babies. Just sayin’. That whole “timing thing” is quite important, apparently.


2 responses to “She Says… Ships Passing in the Night

  1. Yep, I hear you. About to have to skip a cycle of trying with drugs because my husband is traveling. Good luck! Hope that the ships can collide soon.

  2. @Beth, Ouch, that hurts. Fingers crosed for you. Thank you!

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