She Says… Tour de France — Almost!

I know I’ve been writing a lot recently about things that have gotten easier with Owen as he gets older. Another one to add to the list? Going for bike rides.

I mean REAL bike rides. Like wearing-spandex-riding-for-over-an-hour-going-upwards-of-12-mph kinds of bike rides. The kind of rides Benjamin and I used to do a whole lot more before my pregnant belly got in the way. Before we had a little person who didn’t tolerate gallavanting around town in a trailer very well.

When we first got the trailer, Owen hated it. A few months ago we made some progress and he began to enjoy short rides. Over the weekend we crossed a new threshold — not only did he tolerate the ride, but he LOVED it.


He beamed and shouted that we were going “super fast”. He listened to music on the best toy we’ve ever bought (which has made car rides, plane rides, train rides, and now bike rides, bearable). He snacked on pretzels and craisins. He screamed in frustration a few times when he dropped his sippy cup, but was happy again as soon as we retrieved it.

Benjamin had the pleasure of pulling the [heavy] trailer, a handicap that put the two of us essentially on the same skill level on our bikes (except for going uphill… I had the upper hand then). I would speed ahead and then loop back and meet up with Benjamin and Owen. Owen would say “See Mommy!” and I’d leapfrog ahead of them, waving and smiling at him as I passed.


He squealed in happiness when we arrived at our destination, an AWESOME playground we had never been to before. It had such fun equipment and was empty on a Sunday morning (since it was a school), so Benjamin and I played right along with Owen and challenged each other to continue our workout with things like monkey bars and sets of push-ups. Owen even tried to do push-ups “just like Mommy” and quickly said, “I can’t DO it!”.


That beats trying to squeeze in a workout dvd at naptime any day!


2 responses to “She Says… Tour de France — Almost!

  1. my kid pretty much hates everything: cars, swings, doctors, dentists, you name it, he screams a LOT and very LOUD. however, i’ve been lucky and the bike has been a love of his since day one! glad you have owen on board now and have another activity you can enjoy as a family!! love the pics!

  2. @christy, The bike is a great one, for both littles and bigs! So glad he likes it.

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