She Says… NASCAR

If the tennis playing thing doesn’t work out, there’s always car racing.


A few months ago Owen and I were taking a walk when a kid a little bit older than him zoomed by us on the sidewalk in this crazy thing called a PlasmaCar (again, NOT being paid for this — wish I was!). It looked like a little scooter, but is propelled by turning the steering wheel back and forth. Owen immediately scrambled out of his stroller and ran after the kid, hoping to have a turn. Luckily the little dude was happy to share his toy and he let Owen take it for a spin. After only seeing the other kid ride it for a few seconds, Owen knew exactly what to do. It’s the iPhone of scooters, apparently.

When we saw it in our local toy store and I watched Owen grin as he turned it in circles and figured out how to steer it, I knew he would love one of his own. And for his 2nd birthday, he got his wish! It has actually been an awesome tool for teaching Owen how to steer a bike/scooter/car. Previously when I pushed him on his tricycle, he didn’t really understand the concept of steering it left or right. I would get annoyed as I had to push the bike back onto the sidewalk constantly. But after about 1 minute on the PlasmaCar, he had totally figured it out. Now he zooms around our house like a pro.

How cute is his face in the video? He rolls around our house in circles while I’m making dinner, shouting “WHERE’S OWEN GOIN’?”.



6 responses to “She Says… NASCAR

  1. Oh my gosh– this reminds me of “SitSkates” from my childhood. I did some ridiculously fast things on those. 🙂 Very cute, Owen!

  2. So cute! We’ve had the PlasmaCar for years. My almost 7 year old still uses it. My husband likes it too, lol! Fun for all ages. Definitely a toy that is worth the money in my book.

  3. Hahahaha great video! I can’t believe Ben could ride it…. Now I want to try!

  4. I was *just* looking at these for Liam, but I worried that it might be a little too old for him. He’s getting a mini-kick scooter for his bday in a few weeks. May have to add this one to the Christmas list though!! Great video!

  5. LOVE the video! Does Owen have an entire film crew following him around all the time? 🙂 Looks like he’s having a blast.

  6. Dale Jr. and James Inman out of Tennessee are my favorite drivers. Hot hot hot.

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