Daily Archives: September 7, 2012

She Says… NASCAR

If the tennis playing thing doesn’t work out, there’s always car racing.


A few months ago Owen and I were taking a walk when a kid a little bit older than him zoomed by us on the sidewalk in this crazy thing called a PlasmaCar (again, NOT being paid for this — wish I was!). It looked like a little scooter, but is propelled by turning the steering wheel back and forth. Owen immediately scrambled out of his stroller and ran after the kid, hoping to have a turn. Luckily the little dude was happy to share his toy and he let Owen take it for a spin. After only seeing the other kid ride it for a few seconds, Owen knew exactly what to do. It’s the iPhone of scooters, apparently.

When we saw it in our local toy store and I watched Owen grin as he turned it in circles and figured out how to steer it, I knew he would love one of his own. And for his 2nd birthday, he got his wish! It has actually been an awesome tool for teaching Owen how to steer a bike/scooter/car. Previously when I pushed him on his tricycle, he didn’t really understand the concept of steering it left or right. I would get annoyed as I had to push the bike back onto the sidewalk constantly. But after about 1 minute on the PlasmaCar, he had totally figured it out. Now he zooms around our house like a pro.

How cute is his face in the video? He rolls around our house in circles while I’m making dinner, shouting “WHERE’S OWEN GOIN’?”.