She Says… Future Federer

Owen had his first unofficial tennis lesson while we were visiting my dad last weekend.


You see, my dad adores tennis. He started teaching my siblings and I to play when we were Owen’s age, or even younger. We always joked that his life’s mission was to raise a tennis star.


It didn’t work out that way for any of us, but maybe Owen will be the future Federer in the family.


My Dad even still had the teeny tiny tennis racquet that I learned to play on. Just waiting for the grandkids.



Owen’s tennis playing style mimics my own. A lot of silliness; a lot less contact with the ball.



What he lacked in skill, he sure made up for with enthusiasm!



You know, for the first 5 minutes. Until he got bored of everyone trying to get him to do something that he wasn’t quite good at yet. (I know that feeling well!).


So then he became the ball boy. He was a GREAT ball boy. We even got to play a little while he ran around the court chasing balls.


Check out my little tennis player in action! (The way he spread his feet and gets into position is my favorite part).


*And a shout out to Allie for the title of this post. She is so confident in Owen’s tennis playing abilities that she reserved a couple seats in his private box when he gets famous.


4 responses to “She Says… Future Federer

  1. Oh man, this is too adorable. <3<3

  2. Your son is too precious. Seriously. I can’t handle all of the preciousness in this post :o)

  3. Awwwww my cutie pie Federer Jr!!! I love your dad taking it so seriously…reminds me of my own dad during tennis practice. I’m gonna bookmark this post and hold you to it when little Owen is playing in the finals of the US Open! I’ll be there right with you in 20-ish years 🙂

  4. Damn, you have one awesome kid.

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