She Says… Say Cheese!

Since our train ride that was made possible by letting Owen play games on my iPhone, Owen has gotten incredibly good at the finger swipes necessary to navigate iAnything. He knows how to drag and drop (though that skill is still developing), select, swipe to open the phone, click the circle button to talk to Siri, etc. I lock my phone and he hasn’t yet figured out the code (oh it’s only a matter of time, I’m sure), but he knows how to swipe and hit cancel to “see picture of Owen” that is my wallpaper.

I can’t blame him. I’d stare at this picture all day every day if I could too.

From the home screen, he’ll often hit the button for text messages and say, “Dis button calls Elmo!” because Benjamin has a cute app on his phone where your kid can video chat with Elmo.

It is both entertaining and terrifying how little time he needed to figure this out and how astonishingly addictive it is. He begs and pleads to “watch Owen in da miwwor on phone?” since I let him watch it the other day as a desperate distraction technique. I have successfully convinced him that the games on it only work when we are traveling and that it only plays one video at a time and then it stops playing videos (otherwise he would be happy to watch videos of himself all day!).

But now we have a new “game”. It’s called taking self portraits. Exhibit A:

There were about a million more of his knee from this series as well, which I deleted. But I just can’t bring myself to delete that adorable baby foot.

I pretty much blew his mind when I showed him how to reverse the camera so he could take pictures of his face.

Love this game, despite the fact that it adds a little extra screen time to our day!


6 responses to “She Says… Say Cheese!

  1. Will loves taking self portraits with my phone too. He can take the picture, edit it by applying filters, save it, then press the correct button to go back to the camera function to take another picture. It blows my mind.

  2. I love reading your blog for it’s content, but I just have to say that pictures of Owen are really the icing on the cake. He’s so incredibly cute!

  3. I pretty much can’t have my phone anywhere near Eli without him asking for Peek-a-Boo Barn now. Thanks, Aunt Betsy, for that one.

  4. Chloe Malherbe

    You really have the most beautiful blog…. your posts and pictures are so happy. Thanks for bringing joy and optimism to all your readers lives!

  5. @Tio, That is amazing! When I start to feel bad about starting his technology obsession so young, I try to remind myself that he will be SUCH a computer wiz because of it 🙂 And this is the world that he lives in!

    @Sara, Thank you! His little face smooshed up against the screen makes me laugh too.

    @Casey, Off to check that one out… Hahaha.

    @Chloe, Thank you! That is so sweet!

  6. I’m just amazed by how into technology little babies are. We rarely have the TV on while Toby (6 months) is awake, so he never sees us use the remotes, but the first place he went when he started scooting more? The entertainment cabinet. The things he loves most? Iphones and remotes.

    Love watching your gorgeous boy having so much fun!

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