She Says… The D’Guitar & Ukevaylee

Owen has been “playing the guitar” for many months now. It’s always down on his level in my office and he loves to go in and strum for a few minutes at random. He’ll often sit and sing along too, these days. Always, ALWAYS “Twinkle Twinkle”. Pretty much just like this, but more in tune lately.

When he first got interested, he would call it the ‘tar. “Mommy play ‘tar? Daddy play ‘tar? Where ‘tar go?”. After a few weeks of repeating the word correctly, he got it down. But recently the word has morphed again. Now he has combined “the” and “guitar” to be “d’guitar”. Except he still puts the “the” in there too. So now it’s “the d’guitar”.

It cracks Benjamin and I up so much that we ask him to say it over and over again. “Owen, do you want to play this? What’s it called?” “A d’guitar! Yes! ALL play da d’guitar together!”.

“Oh, you mean the guitar?”. “Yup, a d’guitar.”.

Side note: Have you seen the movie Game Change? It’s just like how Sarah Palin kept saying “O’Biden” instead of Biden since her brain was thinking Obama + Biden.

Another funny instrument mispronunciation is youkahVAYlee instead of ukelele. Not sure where that one came from, since he can clearly say the “l” sound. He got a little ukelele for his birthday and watching him stroll around the house singing with it is pretty much the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. Here is an old video of him playing it with his Grammy after all of his friends left after his 2nd birthday party. (Please ignore the random chairs and post-party mess!)

I guess I can’t make too much fun of the kid. He says “staccato” and “Tchaikovsky” clear as a bell, so his music vocabulary is pretty solid! And, as with many other mispronunciations, I’m sure these will be gone in a matter of weeks. I will miss them when they go.


3 responses to “She Says… The D’Guitar & Ukevaylee

  1. So cute 🙂 He definitely has musical genes from his Mom!

    Cameron still loves to start so many words with a “d” and still calls his “baby jaguar” “day gar”. And most new words he learns, he starts out pronouncing them beginning with D. He did upgrade his version of “Grampie” which was “Dee Dee” and now is “Dampie or Dimpie” lol I actually LOVE when he doesn’t say things properly and want to freeze this stage – totally able to communicate but sounds so freaking adorable because of the mistakes = LOVE

  2. You know, we were just talking about Sarah Palin and the “O’Biden” yesterday in my Electoral Politics class. 🙂 Little man is cute as always. My son likes to watch his videos lol.

  3. too cute!
    I thought the O’Biden thing was hilarious. along with many other things she said that weren’t meant to be funny.

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