She Says… Cat Say Meow?

In addition to his adorable cousins, Owen found a new love last week at my sister’s house.


Her name is Coco and she is used to getting poked and prodded and dressed up and kissed on the mouth, thanks to my sister’s two little girls. Thankfully.

Owen could not get enough of her. He would wake up in the morning and ask, “Where my cousins? WHERE IS COCO?!?!”. And shout things like, “Coco, whatchoo doin’?” whenever she dared to step foot in the same room as him.

She could entertain him for hours. He begged her to “say meow” and wanted to kiss her constantly.



10 responses to “She Says… Cat Say Meow?

  1. that is one patient cat! I don’t even want to think what my cats are going to do when we have kids.

  2. So adorable! Get that kid a pet cat, post haste!

  3. Awwww, I love the mission to “kiss him” 🙂

  4. OMG I’M DYYYYING!!!!!! “cat say meooooow…please? cat?” I still stand by the fact that Owen is the cutest baby I’ve ever seen and now the cutest toddler.

  5. Cute! And what a nice cat! If my kids cornered my cat behind a curtain and tried to kiss her, she would rip their faces off. Someday I hope to have a cat who isn’t terrified of children, so they won’t have to be terrified of her.

    Btw, Owen saying “please, cat!” is adorable!

  6. not sure which was cuter, his interactions with coco or his wild hair! LOOOOVE IT!

  7. OK I totally thought you were b-s’ing when you talked about Owen enunciating well and his advanced vocal abilities (all parents do about something or other)… How strange to see a toddler say, “please” with an intact “L” sound!

  8. What a gorgeous cat! I love cats 🙂

    Owen is too funny!

  9. Awww, is that a savannah cat or a Bengal? One of our cats loved to harass our LO. He will poke her with his tail and let her tackle him lol.

  10. can i use the first picture for vectorizing in photoshop? the coco’s profile is amazing 😀

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