She Says… Skinny Minny

Over the last few months I have been surprised at how Owen’s clothes have continued to fit. He’s no longer growing out of things weeks after I buy them. When he plays around on our scale at home, the number has been stuck on 26 pounds for what feels like forever. I realize there is a natural leveling of the growth curve at this point in a toddler’s life, as they cannot continue growing at the crazy rate of the first year forever, but still, I worry. I see his little ribs sticking out and I worry. I see the other kids in his class with adorable chubby cheeks and pudgy tummies and I worry. Is he too skinny? Am I not feeding him enough? There was a time when we lived our lives by the growth charts, when Owen was having nursing issues weight loss and reflux. Those days are long gone, but perhaps that paranoia is still ingrained in my brain.

While he is still a very adventurous eater and will try lots of new things and eats a ton of healthy foods, he has recently reverted back to eating only a few bites and then saying, “All done!” as soon as we sit down at the table for a meal. One of the things I struggle with most as a parent is not responding by saying, “How about one more bite of X?”, or, worse yet, “No. You’re not all done. You need to eat more food.”. Believe me, I know I’m not supposed to say these things. And believe me, I still hear them coming out of my mouth. I’m a work in progress.

Anyway, we had Owen’s 2 year well visit with our pediatrician last Friday. I was anxious to see where he fell on the growth charts. I was shocked to see that he is 50th %ile for weight! The thing that makes him seem like such a skinny minny is that he is nearly 90th %ile for height.

Height: 36″ (87th %ile)
Weight: 27lb 12.8oz (47th %ile)

He still has a teeny tiny head (15th %ile). That explains why he can still wear his 18 month hat 🙂 But otherwise he is the picture of a happy, healthy two year old! Worries begone. Apparently he DOES know what he needs to be eating better than I do.

When we first saw the doctor, we both laughed and said, “It’s been so long since we saw each other!”. I actually can’t believe how long it has been since we went to the doctor or blogged about Owen being sick. Given that the child was at the doctor’s office at least twice a month for the first year of his life for various illnesses, ear infections, upper respiratory infections, allergic reactions, skin issues, etc., it is AMAZING to me that I can count on one hand the amount of times we have been there since December. Oh how our lives have changed.

Once we started the daily preventative asthma treatments last December, Owen’s health did a 180. The recurrent pneumonia stopped. The constant cough and runny nose stopped. He was able to stay healthy through several bouts of viruses that went through his daycare classroom. He’s sleeping better. He’s happier. He’s remarkably healthier. A few months ago our pulmonologist encouraged us to wean him off of the daily meds to see if he’s ok without them. We’ve been medicine free for 3 months now and he is just as healthy. I honestly have no idea if it was the asthma treatments or just good old fashioned TIME passing that has made the difference, but whatever it is, I’ll take it. It seems like he has [FINALLY] grown into his immune system. Maybe now he’ll be that bionic kid who never gets sick! We’ve paid our dues, right? (KNOCK ON WOOD!)

We also retested Owen for his two main food allergies — oats and wheat. Both came back within normal levels, so according to these tests, he is food allergy free. Can you hear the angels singing hallelujah?! ‘Cause I can. I’ve been testing wheat on my own little by little, as suggested by my doctor, but he still seems to be getting little patches of eczema when I do. So I’m thinking he is still dealing with a sensitivity. But that is far better than an allergic reaction, and we will continue to keep him gluten free for now and test again in a few months. Honestly keeping him gluten free at this point is easy, as we’ve been doing it for so long.

He had to get one shot and some blood taken at this appointment. Fortunately I had to get blood taken at the same time, as a follow up to make sure my HCG levels are still dropping since the miscarriage. I say fortunately because Owen watched intently as I got my blood taken and I had the chance to show him exactly what it would be like for him. The kid is TOUGH. He cried a lot while the needle was in (and I don’t blame him — they had to take 4 or 5 vials of his blood!!! Apparently allergy tests need a lot of blood) but was a total trooper and we covered him in stickers afterwards.

Successful appointment and healthy kid. Can’t ask for more than that.


7 responses to “She Says… Skinny Minny

  1. When they take my kid’s blood, they just prick her finger. Judging by how much she loses her shit over that, I can only imagine how taking vials of blood would go.

    Faith does the “All done!” after a few bites too, so I just tell her she has to be polite and sit with Mommy and Daddy while they eat. 9 times out of 10, she ends up eating more while she waits. That’s my way around wanting to say “Eat more OR ELSE!”

  2. I’ll second Kara, here. We’re big believers on not telling our kiddo how much to each or trying to wheedle her into eating. She often seems done before we think she ought to be. When she announces she’s all done after only a few bits, just like Kara, we say, “that’s cool. We’re all going to stay at the table and enjoy everyone’s company until everyone’s finished.” And, like Kara, we find that regularly she ends up eating some more. And, sometimes she doesn’t. And that’s just fine.

    Also, I totally totally am having flashbacks. Our Miss A ate everything, but not much of it. Still does. And she sooooo active. And she stayed the same weight for like a year. And she’s noticeably smaller than her cohort. And. And. And. And she’s fine and perfectly happy and completely wonderful. Duh. (This duh is for myself, not aimed at you!)

  3. I have to follow my kid around all day everyday to try and get food in his mouth. You mentioned you know you’re not supposed to say those things, but what is wrong with saying, “you must eat more” ? We are rocking the 4th percentile and would prob be in the 1st if I didn’t say those things! There are waaaaaay too many fun things the kid would rather be doing than eating.

  4. SeattleGirl

    When my firstborn was a toddler and more interested in moving than eating, a nutritionist told me “a tablespoon per year of age” was a good measure of serving size for little ones. It helped me lighten up so much over whether my little one was eating enough. Two tablespoons? No problem!

  5. Yay for a healthy kiddo!! I’m so happy for you – I know what a relief it is. We’ve had a similar string of good luck over the past couple of months and we’re praying it continues.

  6. @Kara and @Iphy, I definitely try to do the “sit at the table until I’m done” thing, but it is one of the only things we battle over consistently. It’s a skill we’re working on 🙂

    @Christy, I would totally do the same with a teeny little guy. I’m pretty sure the growth charts were created just to make parents worry!

    @SeattleGirl, You are so right. That seems manageable, even on our worst day! Generally he eats a LOT more than that, so perhaps it’s my expectations that need adjusting, and not the amount he is eating.

    @PhaseThreeOfLife, I noticed you had less ear infection posts recently too — hooray for healthy kids! Take THAT, daycare 🙂 Fingers crossed I haven’t jinxed us.

  7. OMG, I didn’t even think about it until you pointed it out… Owen has been healthy for so long!!!!!! WAHOOOO!!!

    We’re in the exact same boat on the height & weight issue– You can see Liam’s ribs, but he’s 25lbs now, so totally normal. Height wise, the kid is really tall. He was 33.5″ at his last appointment 4 months ago. He has to have grown at least a few inches since then. Long & lean, our boys are!

    So thankful for a good appointment!

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