Daily Archives: July 30, 2012

She Says… Me, Myself & I

Owe is just cracking me these days. Honestly, I want to write down every single thing he says and share it with you. He just comes up with the funniest statements and questions and descriptions of things. Of course he has no idea how funny he is… he’s just… talking. But I can’t get over how amazing it is to hear random thoughts come out of this little person who until recently was just parroting back what he was hearing other people say. He keeps me laughing all day long.

He discovered something yesterday that kept HIM occupied (and laughing) for a good 45 minutes. For a 2 year old, at least my two year old, that is an ETERNITY.

Do you want to know what it was?

It was himself.

In the mirror.

I remember as a baby how he used to gaze at himself and smile and coo. We used to make funny faces at each other after his bath every night before bed. He cracks himself up in the mirror as much as he cracks me up every day. But for some reason, yesterday he caught his own eye in the mirror and walked right up to his reflection like it was a different person. I imagine there is a psychological explanation for this… separation of self or something like that. Whatever the stage is, it turned into a hilarious game. Apparently Owen thinks “Owen in the mirror” is as funny as I think he is.

He stood in front of the mirror singing songs, playing the harmonica (which is also a hilarious thing to watch a two year old do… he only got the hang of it last week and he’s been trying to figure it out for a few months) and moving his body for at least an hour. He seemed delighted and surprised as “Owen in the mirror” followed him.

Times like these I wish we had had twins. Insta-friends. But maybe “Owen in the mirror” is better than a friend because he doesn’t have a mind of his own!

I snuck a little video of this adorable playtime. Warning: unedited Mommy-cam, as my resident videographer has been traveling and working too much. It’s a bit of a slow start. But my favorite part is the very end where he says goodbye and then looks in the mirror to see if his friend is still there. When he is, there’s a moment of, “No, YOU hang up first”. He makes me laugh.

Perhaps I shouldn’t encourage that “Owen in the mirror” is a different person than the real Owen, but I just can’t help myself. I’m so glad they found each other!