She Says… Vacay

First things first, thank you to those who were equally as excited as I was about switching Owen’s carseat around.

Our drive by the numbers:
45 = the number of minutes Owen actually slept (even though we left during naptime and expected 2+ hours)
15 = the number of minutes he was cranky on THE ENTIRE RIDE. Totally uprecedented.
2 = number of times we had to stop to get gas/coffee/go to the bathroom
0 = the number of times Owen got out of the car
4.5 = the number of hours we spent in the car total
1,000,000 (at least) = the number of times I said “I can’t believe how happy he is in the car” during the drive

Personal music player + forward facing carseat = magic.

That’s the good news. The bad news, however, is that our vacation so far has not been puke-free. A rough combination of a little fever/bug, too much dinner one night and perhaps a little too much jostling around resulted in a few rounds of puking on Sunday. To be honest, though, I was so happy it wasn’t car-related that it wasn’t even a big deal. Par for the course with this glass-stomached child.

Other than the minor puking incidents, our vacation has been LOVELY so far. On Saturday Benjamin’s parents watched Owen in the afternoon so we could go on a date. And not just any date. We decided to take a 3+ hour zip line tour over the White Mountains.

Let me rephrase that. Benjamin heard of the tour and had to convince me to do it with him. And so, despite my fears, we harnessed up and headed up the ski mountain at Bretton Woods to begin our descent via zip line.

Smiling through the jitters.

At the top of the mountain (after taking the chair lift up), ready to start training and zipping!

In “zip line school” close to the ground before we really get flying high.

And then the real fun started!

The course was a series of zip lines to scaaaaaaaaaaary rope bridges that swayed in the wind to platforms that were 70 feet off the ground, connected by short hikes through the woods.

For some reason, rapelling off of the platforms was WAY scarier to me than zipping. That’s me rapelling from a platform that was 70 feet off the ground to one that was 30 feet off the ground. The good news? The only way down was to conquer my fear and just GO.

The most intense zipline went from about 90 feet off the ground to 170 feet as it went over a deep valley.

Oh how I wished I could have stopped to take a picture from the middle. It was breathtaking. Mount Washington on one side and treetops as far as the eye could see. And there you are… just… hanging out. On two little tiny wires. Exhilarating, to say the least. That zip line (around 800 feet long, I think?) was actually long enough for me to 1) start off screaming with my eyes screwed shut, 2) to relax, look around and actually take in the beauty around me, and 3) get into position to brake and dismount on the platform on the other side with time to spare.


When our feet were back on safe ground (after being caught in a surprise thunderstorm that we had to wait out under a tarp a little more than halfway down the mountain), I could fully appreciate all that we had just done. AMAZING. I’m REALLY proud of myself for rallying and giving up fear to just… do it.

What an incredible date.


6 responses to “She Says… Vacay

  1. It does look completely exhilarating! OMG I don’t think I could ever do it!!!! I’m such a wuss though! The hubs isn’t a thrill seeker by any means either. In fact, we already joke that we’re going to have to bring someone along to take Cameron on the roller coasters when he’s older 😛

  2. SO AWESOME!! And I love that Benjamin encouraged you to get out of your comfort zone for your “date”!

  3. Holy cow. I would have peed my pants. What a fun date though!

  4. So jealous! Looks like you had an amazing time. I would have needed a spare change of pants, though. 🙂

  5. We went ziplining in Panama and I was equally as nervous about it. I probably would’ve felt more comfortable had we not been in less 3rd worldish country 🙂 However, it was an AMAZING experience. So glad you’re having fun!

  6. i loved the video when ben giggled after he asked you if you were nervous. LOL. we went ziplining for the first time last summer for our anniversary! SOOO FUN!

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