She Says… Disproportionately Excited

Guess what I just did?!

I’ll give you a hint…




Yes. After 23 months of Owen being uncomfortable and carsick in his carseat, I turned it around. No, he’s not quite 2. But I know that I waited longer than most people, and really, what difference is one little month going to make? We’re driving four hours in the car tomorrow and I’m pulling out all of the stops to make it as painless (and puke-free) as possible.

I am irrationally excited about this. I was babbling to Owen about it all morning. “When you come home from school today, you get to FACE FORWARDS in your carseat just like Mommy and Daddy!”. I was clearly far more excited than he was.

You see, I have this theory. Well, it’s more like a wish. And it might be totally wrong. But still. I’ve been holding out for this moment as “the moment when Owen will be content riding in the car”.

So tomorrow is the test. I’m still going to dose him up with the anti-nausea meds the doctor recommends (I’m not THAT convinced this is the answer to all of our problems!), but I’m hoping the novelty of facing forward will give us at least a few peaceful hours on our drive. And we’re going during naptime. That should help too.

Side note: The seat feels SO much more secure and solid in the forward-facing position. It was never loose or installed incorrectly, but something about the way it is supported now feels rock solid, and it’s latched in much tighter. Maybe it’s the shape of our car seats or something. In any case, I can’t wait to toss him in his seat from now on without having to wedge him in the tiny space that the rear-facing position left us with. Hooray! What a milestone.

Here’s to no puking tomorrow. I’ll drink to that.


19 responses to “She Says… Disproportionately Excited

  1. It helped a lot when I did this with Everly. I hope it does the same for you!

  2. I hope it does the trick, Kate!! Safe travels!

    Maya doesn’t seem to mind the car, but our ped actually said we could switch her now if we wanted to — which surprised me, given the new reco out there about waiting til 2. I’m looking forward to making that switch soon!

  3. We had to turns our around at 22 months for Finn because he was so hysterically upset every time we put him into his carseat. I stopped being able to buckle him properly and I was like, “I feel safer with him snugly in his seat, facing forward, than him half strapped in facing backwards.” It is AMAZING how much he loves the car now. I am guessing Owen will love it and it is so fun to be able to see their faces while driving. Sometimes you just have to go with your gut and interpret all the information you have from experts and your own experience — it should be great!

  4. Good luck! Can’t wait for the follow up report!

  5. Woohoo congratulations! I can’t wait for the follow up either. I might be in the minority, but I plan on turning Raffi the first day it is legal, on his first birthday. Our car is SMALL and his legs are so squished already. It makes more sense to me to turn him as soon as we can so that he can actually stretch his legs- that can’t be good for their little bodies!

    I really hope that this solves Owen’s car sickness issues!

  6. Yay! Good luck! Eli was so excited when he got to face forward! And, here’s to hopefully no puking! Good luck 🙂

  7. Good Luck! Hopefully this will do the trick, but if there is still issues and you are able to, try the middle seat so he can see out the front windshield. I can tell a difference with my daughter when she’s in the middle versus the outside seat. Hope ya’ll have a great time!

  8. You’re missing a portable DVD player. That’s your problem.

    I should really start charging for my advice, it’s so golden.

  9. we still have hour long scream fests in the car [and we never travel more than an hour away for that reason]. hopefully when we front face, it will stop. good luck to you! hope the trip goes smoothly!!

  10. I notice your carseat is behind the passenger seat, not the driver’s. Is this something specific about your car? If not, did anyone tell you to put it on one side or the other?

    The reason I am asking is: Our pediatrician told us to put it in the middle if possible as that was safest, and to put it behind the driver if it wasn’t possible to put it in the middle. His words were, “on the passenger side is the most dangerous place”. I never thought to check on that. I’m used to it now, but I really hated having Miss A behind me for the first year and a half or so.

    Her dad gets to put her on the passenger side because of the way his car’s seats are. And her other mom could put her in the middle until she got too tall and was interfering with driver visibility. But my car’s seat won’t allow for putting her in the center so she’s always been behind me.

    I really think I would be able to hear her talking to me better if she were on the passenger side.

  11. Jamie – I was told that it the best location for a carseat actually depends on the vehicle. The three vehicles that we’ve had to install seats in all stipulate either middle, or behind the passenger. Your vehicle manual should tell you the ideal place to install a seat. For example, in my old Ford Fusion, a rear-facing seat could not be installed in the center because of a dropdown cupholder. This was not the case, however, for a forward-facing seat. In my Ford Escape, the safest place is the center seat, followed by the passenger side.

  12. I can imagine your excitement, I hope it is as effective as you hope it will be!!

  13. Jamie – that is interesting. I went to my town’s fire department to have my first carseat installed and the fireman who installed it told me that the passenger side was actually the safest. Not sure why, but I didn’t think to question it.

  14. My daughter is 22 mths old and she is a major puker in the car still. I turned the seat around from back to front about 6 mths ago. I had to clean up wayyyy too many times and the poor girl was out of it from puking. It would ruin her night (she’s a fussy gal this one!). Going frontwards did help a bit. I noticed at least for my little girl that it only delayed the puke until we got home. Good luck Kate, hope it works for you and your little guy!

    On a side note: Kate, I had a few people write to me the last couple mths about your guest post. They loved the pics (kudos to your hubby) and they loved how versatile your recipe was. Thanks again!

  15. I should say it’s not anonymous, I meant to say *Nancy* 🙂

  16. Eeeee! So exciting! We turned Ryan’s around last month (it had gotten way too hot in Phoenix and poor guy was sweating his heart out facing backward with no AC flow). I thought ours felt a lot more stable facing forward, too. Good luck! Hope he loves it.

  17. ^Oops, that was my comment, logged in on my business account.

  18. Wow, your car is so clean!

  19. While the seat may seem more secure to you forward facing, the fact is that a child (or anyone, for that matter) is five times safer rear facing. I understand that you have already made your decision, and you are entitled to do what you think is best for your family, but I hope some of your readers will do some more research and consider rear facing until AT LEAST 2, if not longer, as is the recommendation of the AAP.

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