Daily Archives: June 20, 2012

She Says… Memories

Today was an unofficial “last day of the school year” for Owen. Even though he will be continuing through the summer (and, you know, forever, indefinitely…), some kids in his school will be graduating, so the school had a big breakfast where parents could come hang out in their kids’ classrooms and thank the teachers for a wonderful year. The teachers gave us tie-dyed shirts that the kids made recently with their names on them. So adorable!

One thing I love about Owen’s school is the journal that they keep for him. Since his very first day they have been writing notes, taking pictures and jotting down little stories as they happen. When Owen graduates to elementary school in a few years, he will have several journals worth of scrapbooked memories. It is so special to me to see how his teachers are delighting in every day with him, just like I do at home.

It started last June when we moved and Owen first joined this school. He was in the infant room and had barely begun to take his first steps.



When the kids turn 1, they all start sleeping on mats instead of in cribs. I still have NO IDEA how they get a room full of toddlers to lay down on their mats together and fall asleep, but they do.

They snapped a photo of the first time Owen slept on his mat to prove it to me 🙂

This one brings tears to my eyes. Owen looked at this picture while “reading” his book with me this morning and lovingly crooned, “Dat’s LOVEY!”.


It’s no wonder this kid loves the camera so much. Paparazzi at home and at school!

The book is filled with some of his art projects, and pictures of him making them. Like this one, filled with feathers. Yet another thing I never would have thought of to do at home. His teachers are amazing.

My favorite pages, though, are the little stories. This one is about Owen finding the letter “O” everywhere.

Another page from when he was younger said that he always finds the books with Daddys in them and smiles and pats the page. Bestill my heart.

Painting with apples?! Love this idea, especially for a kid who is STILL putting everything in his mouth, edible or not.


I always knew we had found a very special school when we moved here, but looking through this book gives me a new appreciation for just how much they actually love Owen.

I couldn’t ask for anything more.