Daily Archives: June 14, 2012

She Says… Water Baby

We spent most of the weekend submerged in pools. Owen has always enjoyed the water, but this weekend I think he fell in love.


The kid would easily be outside all day long if he had his way.


Rain or shine, hot or cold.


The boy is fearless. He splashes and jumps and launches himself into the water without a second thought. He rides on rafts and even tried putting his head underwater a few times (once or twice by accident and once or twice on purpose).

Even Schnitzel got in on the pool action (he would jump in anytime anyone was underwater, presumably to “save” them). He’s our lifeguard.

Of course with the introduction of pools came the introduction of LOTS of new rules for Owen to keep him safe. No running by the pool. You MUST hold an adult’s hand when you get in the water. Do not lean over to play in the water unless you are laying on your tummy (he almost fell in head first several times while I was RIGHT THERE next to him).

While I loved being with Owen in the water and I hope to encourage his love of swimming and get him in some swim classes whenever they will be useful to him, TODDLER + POOL = SCARY to me. Even with so many eyes on him.

We capped off the weekend with the quintessential summer treat. Ice cream cones! I have offered Owen ice cream a few times and he has turned it down and opted to just eat the cone instead. This time he finally tried a lick and was immediately smitten. “I LIKE IT!” he proclaimed, as he went back for lick after lick after lick.

Kara once told me that I was lucky my kid only ate the cone because I didn’t have to share with him. I’m afraid those days are over. Someone seems to like ice cream as much as his mommy.




Do your kids use floaties/life vests in the pool/ocean? I have read that some people think they are detrimental to learning how to swim and they give kids a false sense of security. Sort of like training wheels on a bike. And become a hard habit to break. That theory makes sense to me, so I was thinking of not really relying on them. However, after playing in the pool for a weekend and seeing just how easy it is for him to go underwater even when he is holding onto me… I see the appeal of a safety vest or water wings. What are your thoughts/experiences? I’m totally new to the kid water safety arena.