Daily Archives: June 5, 2012

She Says… School Picture Day

I’m dying over here this week, folks. DYING. It’s only Tuesday and I’m hanging on by a thread. Hence, no blog posts yet this week. Please excuse me while I do my darndest to get my life under control.

In the meantime, would you like to see just about the cutest thing ever?

Owen had “picture day” at daycare a few weeks ago. You know, just like back in the day where they passed around wet combs and every kid argued to tears with their parents for them to pay extra for the laser background. (Oh, you didn’t do that? Must’ve just been me, then. I do hereby solemnly swear I will get my kid the stupid laser background if he ever throws a fit over it. That’s NOT a battle I’m willing to fight.)

I didn’t have high hopes. We take a LOT of pictures of Owen and I debated even ordering one of these cheesy, posed ones. But I wanted a class photo (so Owen can show his buddies senior year that they’ve known each other since they were 1), and the cheapest package wasn’t much more than that to include an individual shot. Benjamin assured me it was just one of those rights of passage that you kind of have to do. So your kid can look back decades from now and laugh at themselves. (Also, Meghan got me pretty excited due to her kid’s amazing daycare picture day shots. Totally hilarious.)

Without further ado, behold…


Man, I love this kid.