She Says… SOS

Today was supposed to be my day of getting All The Things done at work. Things that have fallen through the cracks the last few weeks. Things that I can’t seem to get off of my To Do list. Not to mention the fact that my To Do list itself is getting pretty long.

So I made the early train this morning and was sitting at my desk starting to check things off bv 7:30am. Today is a “Daddy Day”, so I didn’t have to worry about getting Owen to daycare. He has a follow-up appointment with the pulmonologist this morning that I was sad to miss, but Daddy can handle it this time.

At 8:01am I got the following call from a frantic Benjamin: OWEN JUST THREW UP IN THE CAR. ::Owen wailing in the background:: I don’t have extra clothes. We’re only halfway to do the doctor. What do I do?!

Oh my.

So THAT’S how today is actually going to go, huh?

To Do list be damned.




3 responses to “She Says… SOS

  1. oops 😦 Deep breaths…. Good Luck!!

  2. We are at the tail end of the stomach flu at our house. I hope for all your sakes it was Owen’s car sickness! Tough spot to be in!

    As they grow older, we feel more confident leaving the house without packing 239484 things, but after being left high and dry (read: poopy) I now make it a point to have a change of clothes and diaper change kit in the car at all times!

    Hope the little guy is feeling ok and it was an isolated incident.

  3. Oh god…I totally understand how you felt after that phone call. I love my husband. He’s a wonderful father to our children. He’s an amazing partner and caregiver but he’s not so great with the “details”. Rule #1 with a toddler: do not leave the home without a diaper/change of clothes/water/snack…

    Hope the rest of the day went more smoothly for you and Owen is okay.

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