She Says… Music to my Ears

I’ve been singing to Owen since before he was born and I’ve often wondered when he would start singing back. Music is a huge, huge part of our lives. Sometimes I wonder if I sing to him more than I talk to him. We sing lullabies at night, along to CD’s and the radio in the car, we make up songs about everything from diaper changing to making dinner to the ant we saw on the sidewalk. Recently he has started to say, “Sing it?” about everything. And what he means is, “Make up a song about it?”.

People listening in on our conversations would think I am crazy.

And maybe I am.

But in the last few weeks, Owen has started singing on his own, unprompted. I hear him working through songs as he puts himself to sleep, or quietly singing to himself in his carseat.

It melts me.

Into a puddle.

My favorite part of this new talent is his “singing voice”. It’s more like a really loud talking voice, so he pretty much just shouts song lyrics. Sometimes he gets the pitches to go up and down at the right places, and once in awhile he can match my pitch if I’m singing, but mostly I just encourage him  to shout it out. Even though he can say all of the words very clearly, he seems to turn song lyrics into gibberish, or to smoosh the words together unrecognizably when he’s singing — too many other things to think about, I guess!

Singing is ALWAYS accompanied by full-body swaying/dancing.


Here is a rendition he did this past weekend of “Baa Baa Black Sheep” into “Twinkle Twinkle” (he’s already realized they are the same tune and thinks they are one song now):

He’s gonna be a STAH!


2 responses to “She Says… Music to my Ears

  1. I was smiling before the video even STARTED. what a lucky lil man to be able to run around in his diaper on hot days!! 🙂 thanks for that. mr. O is super cute!!

  2. That video is precious!

    Eli is a BIG singer. He has a singing voice, too, which is pretty much one of my favorite voices ever. He actually gets this little falsetto in his voice and gets most melodies correct. He was “singing” before he could really talk. We don’t really listen to kids songs in the car… we listen to Mommy’s & Daddy’s songs… and he’ll even sing along to those. Love it.

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