She Says… What Constitutes a Vacation These Days

Right now I am sitting on the train somewhere between Boston and New York. I’m going to New York to oversee a training event I’ve coordinated for my company. It was one of those everything-that-could-go-wrong-did situations. Instructors cancelled, times were switched at the last minute, attendees didn’t show up on time, files had typos, people are leaving early for the holiday weekend despite knowing about this event for months. And on and on. I organize these sessions all the time, and they almost always go off without a hitch. Not so, this time.

I feel frazzled. And unprepared. And worn down. And like all of the balls I’ve been juggling for the last few weeks (months, now?) while Benjamin has been traveling and working like crazy are about to come toppling down on my head.

Benjamin and I had our first “oh my goodness, we both have to travel and what are we going to do about OWEN?!” moments this week. It all got sorted out, thanks to a sweet friend who is going to hang out with Owen for the short period of time that Benjamin’s and my work plans overlapped, but oy. If that doesn’t make you feel the strain of being 2 working parents, I don’t know what does.

But back to me. And my vacay. Oh, it doesn’t sound like I’m on vacation? Well, this is what constitutes a vacation these days, folks. With Benjamin traveling so much recently and me holding down the fort, I’ve barely had a chance to leave the house between work and taking care of Owen. I haven’t had a chance to see friends or go to yoga or do something fun for me. So this morning I rushed around like a madwoman getting Owen to daycare and then booked it to the train station.

Sitting on a train with a coffee in my hand? Apparently that’s a vacay now. Despite the fact that I am clickety clacking away at my keyboard relentlessly for most of the ride, I’ll take it. I’m sitting. Quietly. Dressed in a cute skirt and heels. I’ve put out most of the fires and I’ll deal with the rest when I get to New York. I even got myself an Us Weekly to catch up on my celeb gossip between emails.

It’s the little things.




5 responses to “She Says… What Constitutes a Vacation These Days

  1. Obviously doesn’t apply to your current situation but for future reference a wise person once told me a vacation is without kids…anything else (traveling with your kids in tow) is a trip! 🙂

  2. Enjoy New York (I live about 30 min away and used to work in the city). Not sure how much time you will have there, but e-mail me if you want any suggestions for restaurants or things to do!

  3. yep and when u have 3 young kids…..2 hours uninterupted feels like a vacation…….and a shower every 2 days is a tropical vacation!!! 🙂

  4. I love my OB visits because I’m alone. I love going to the grocery store when I leave Paisley with her dad. And I savor the bathroom trips I make when she doesn’t insist on following me and sometimes even insisting to sit on my lap. 🙂

  5. Hahaha, I love these comments. Sad but true!

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