Daily Archives: May 21, 2012

She Says… Death of the “Deedah”

Once upon a time, what feels like forever ago these days, Owen started talking. Quickly his few little words (“Uh oh!”, “BUH bye!”, “Hi!”) turned into sentences and phrases. Now the kid can talk about just about anything. I feel like he knows almost every word that I say. He wakes up in the morning asking, “School today? Playground later? Read a book with me, Mommy?”. He puts himself to sleep telling his lovey about the fun things we did that day (“Walk doggie. Ate eggs! See choo choo.”). He tells on himself when he’s doing something he shouldn’t be (“Oh-WEN! No climbin'”) and parrots the rules back to me before I even have to say them (“Only Mommy holds knives. Knives SHARP. Dangerous.”) while nodding enthusiastically.

To say he is very verbal for his age is an understatement.

As his vocabulary doubled and tripled, there were a few words that he consistently said wrong. At first, like the Type A person that I am, I wondered, “Why does he say them that way? What can I do to help him say it correctly? Is something wrong? Why won’t he try to say them clearly when he says so many other words clearly?”. Many more experienced mothers assured me, “Don’t worry. They will correct themselves in time. And you may even miss those mispronunciations when they are gone.”.

You know what? They were right. Obviously.

One of Owen’s favorite mispronunciations was to call the playground deedah. I still have no idea where it came from, because none of the sounds are the same, but he insisted that’s how it was said. We would over-enunciate “Puh-LAY-ground” and he would grin devilishly and repeat, “DEEDAH!”.

And so it was. We went to the deedah.

But a few days ago, after I told him we were going to the playground, he waited for a moment, and then, very slowly, said, “Puh-lay-gound”. Missing the “r”, but pretty much perfect.

And that was it.

Deedah was dead.

And I miss it.

As of today, there really aren’t very many words that he still mispronounces. I’m hanging on to yappoo for vacuum, thank you very much. Won’t be correcting that one any time soon. And my new favorite, pro-BOB-a-lilly or probby for probably. They are just too darn cute. And my time to hear them is short.